Friday, September 23, 2011

tibi s/s 2012

I have to admit. I was pleasantly surprised (in the best way possible) by Tibi's spring/summer collection. Stepping away from her penchant for prints, this go around was chock-full of solid color pieces with some of the most incredible draping around. Mustard, mint, cobalt blue, kelly green and coral? I'll take two scoops of each, please! And don't (I repeat, don't) get me STARTED on the shoes.


  1. The shoes. . . the print pants with the leather shell. . .the mint green frothy dress. Sigh.

  2. I loved her collection as well.

  3. Those shoes are so you, hahaha, I laughed when I read that bit near the end... :D

    You're totally right, I can't get enough of this collection. That coral shorts suit... mmmmm. So pretty.

    I Can Be Many Things

  4. I love this collections from Tibi too.

  5. Love the color palette and those shoes are stunning.


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