Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wednesday wishlist

It's funny how something like decorating a room never feels quite done. There's always something to change, modify, add or just rearrange completely. Much like personal style, interior decor seems to constantly evolve with a person over time. 

Disclaimer aside, here are just a few things I've been craving to add to my apartment lately, you know, to spruce and liven things up a bit.

1.) Horse lamp, Room Service, $245
2.) Brass legs, Kelly Wearstler, $1,495
3.) Kostick foldable star sculpture, Design Within Reach, $22 - $160
4.) Letter pillow, Jonathan Adler, $110
5.) Brass bar cart, The Furniture Butler, $1,070
6.) Vintage Vogue covers, Conde Nast Store, $125

Oh, and if you're in need of a small break from work today, check out my interview with Teen Vogue!


  1. Krystal,
    I love how your personal style reflects in your home decor. Loved your GG interview too!


  2. Love the foldable star sculpture and those vintage Vogue covers...great picks!
    xo Cara

  3. Love the interview! And all your home decor choices too!

    xo Julia

  4. Every girl needs a horse lamp... love. ;)

  5. I love that pillow!

    I have a link up on my blog today!

  6. great pieces!!

  7. I have been looking for some new pillows and now I want that letter one! Great picks ladys! :-)

    <3 Amanda

  8. These are great finds. Love the gold legs!

    xoxo Jessica

  9. My dream home totally encompasses a vintage looking gold bar cart! I don't even drink that much, but how fun would that be to have in your living room for entertaining? Love your post!


  10. These are great picks! Love them!

  11. Getting about a bit this week aren't you? Only in the best possible way though!
    Love the lamp - I have my eye on one with a bulldog base but very similar (

  12. That lamps makes me incredibly happy!

  13. A bar cart is on my wishlist for my new apartment, too! I had sort of a makeshift bar on top of a bookshelf happening in my last, but would love an actual cart to stock! And the 'K' pillow is darling! (Though as a fellow 'K', I'm a little biased!)


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