Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the lab event: a giveaway!

Ah, back to work today after a relaxing, much needed break! But in the spirit of giving (hey, the spirit can live on after Christmas, right? Well it should!), I have a lovely little giveaway for you! As some of you may have overheard me say on Twitter, I'll be walking the runway alongside some of my favorite bloggers (pictured in the sneak peek Instragram shots above) at The Lab Event, a unique kind of bridal fair featuring only the best, trend-setting wedding industry professionals from Northern California. 

The Big Day, ahem, the event will be held on January 14 in Sonoma at the beautiful Cline Cellars winery and I have three, yes, three tickets for you! Getting married soon? Maid of Honor duties sneaking up on you? Or perhaps you just have a thing for pretty dresses? Well here's how to win:

2.) Leave a comment below describing your favorite wedding memory (can be your own wedding or one you attended).
3.) I'll be drawing a winner at random on Tuesday, January 10, so make sure to check back!

Good luck, ladies!


  1. My favourite wedding memory is seeing the look on my mother's face when she finally found a dress she fell instantly in love with. In order to have your dream wedding, the perfect dress is essential and there is nothing more rewarding than looking at someone who feels beautiful.

    xx Tania


  2. Seeing my first of many friends to get married. Made me feel like a grown up and how times have changed.

    xoxo Jessica

  3. My favorite wedding memory was at my best friend's wedding about 5 1/2 years ago when my now-fiance told me he loved me for the first time.

  4. oh this would be so perfect for my friend who just got engaged over the holidays!

  5. Hey Krystal! This is amazing! I'm getting married in August and would love to attend this. I saw the pictures on your instagram and was wondering what they were for. Anyways, my favorite wedding memory would be at the last wedding I went to. It was so unique. They had a taco truck and in n out burger for dinner. But my favorite part was dancing the night away with my fiancé!

    xo Julia

  6. my favorite wedding memory is my friend's 3 day extravaganza in Sonoma. I shared a room with her super fun bridesmaids, hit up a groomsman, drank tons of wine...oh ya and saw two of my closest friends & favorite couples tie the knot :)

    hope i win this one!


  7. My sister's wedding in France was amazing this past summer. The best part was seeing how many men (including my dad) lost it and teared up during the ceremony. So much love!!!!

  8. I have never been to a wedding before, though I would love to be at one! All the stories and all the movies make it seem like a fairytale moment, I am looking forward to my own wedding already!

    These dresses are really pretty!

  9. Happy New Year, Krystal, and thanks for this amazing giveaway opportunity! My favorite wedding memory would have to be the song playlist my friend created for her wedding reception- she chose one song for each guest that attended- either their First Dance song from their own weddings, or a song that was special to them in some manner. It was a wonderful way for my friend to personalize the soundtrack to her wedding guests! Hoping to hear some good news from you, as this will be an amazing event to attend with fellow bridesmaids for an upcoming wedding!

    Facebook: Particularly Practically Pretty

  10. at my cousins wedding we all roasted marshmallows and made s'mores when the reception was winding down. i thought it was super original and a fun idea. plus in michigan, a bonfire always makes you feel right at home and a kid again.

    sidenote: love the dresses!

  11. my favorite memory would be from my cousin's wedding this past summer...after the ceremony they walked up the aisle and out of the church to a live band playing Viva La Vida...so cool!

  12. I was maid of honor for my best friend Shelly. She married her best friend Jesse in a beautiful desert setting...parasols were involved :)


  13. My favorite memory is from my own wedding. My husband and I eloped to St. Thomas. 1 hour before the wedding we were snorkling hand in hand in the ocean right where they were setting up for our nuptials. Afterwards we strolled the beach as the sun set - my dress still has the salt stains to prove it.

  14. My favorite wedding memory is when I got to button my best friend in her dress...there was excitement, nervousness, and peace...we couldn;t help but smile...

  15. My favorite wedding memory was going to a wedding on a small boat. She wore a white dress and keds that she glued bows on. He wore boardshorts. Ceremony was followed by a bonfire on the beach, a few kegs, a bbq, and a guitar session. It was the best wedding ever.

    I have 10 weddings to go to next year so this would be awesome :)

  16. I think my favorite memories of the last couple weddings I've been to is watching the groom as his soon to be wife starts to walk down the aisle. You can see how excited and in love they are and that they're really trying to keep it together.

  17. Love this giveaway! My favorite wedding memory was being just 12 years old and being a bridesmaid in my aunt's wedding. I felt so old and mature at the time as I strutted down the aisle with confidence and pride. Bridesmaid at 12?! No big deal! When I look back at the photos now, I can't help but laugh, as I looked so young, had braces, and certainly didn't fill the dress out. But what an honor it was to be part of that beautiful wedding. Now I'm excited to return the favor to my aunt and have her daughter in my wedding!


  18. My favorite wedding memory is embarrassingly my own. The wedding took place in a humungous hall(my moms doing) and so I did not expect to feel overly joyed because it wasn't cosy. I wore the gorgeous spanish mermaid gown and veil I had always imagined. The titanic pink roses that were chosen looked as magnificent as my nana and mother looked. We do it a bit differently than the rest of the world, the bride walks in alone, and later the groom and both my father and his come in behind him. I stood in front of the closed door taking deep breaths, repeatedly telling myself I had to rock this, this was it THEE day. The doors opened and I remember the lights doing there own thing, but all I remember is my mother and sisters standing at the end of the lit aisle. Everything was dark, except for the aisle, I smiled along, waiting, wanting to reach my family. I got to the end and sat there impatient as usual. When the music that plays along to his entrance started playing my heart literally fluttered, and when the doors opened it all clicked. This was really it. There stood the love of my life, my one and only. I could not wait to start my life with him. Also, it was time to party.

    Hope this comes across as the beautiful memory it is in memory.


  19. My favorite wedding memory was having all the important people that I love there :)



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