Wednesday, June 24, 2009

some good ol' fashioned outfit catch up

I'm a lazy blogger, I know, I know. So here's a rundown of my weekend adventure outfits (adventures not pictured) almost in time for the next weekend. Ha. My procrastination amazes me sometimes.

le biker, le chic:

Pssstt...also, I have a secret to this hairstyle. Wanna know it? Well, do ya?

Shirt: Vintage Jason Motors t-shirt Vest: Vintage black leather vest
Shorts: DIY jean cut-offs
Shoes: Zigisoho cut out heels (love these!)
Jewelry: Gem embellished tie necklace and chunky black bracelet, both from the CR Shades: Black way-farers, Ray-Bans

party like it's 1989:

There's only one way to describe how I feel in this dress: sassy. Yes, sassy. Take it how you will, but with the shape of the slightly bubbled mini skirt and the big bow in front, it's hard not to walk around like an 80s power chick.

Dress: Floral, bubble shaped tube top dress, CR
Shoes: Black gladiator heels, Steve Madden

i love baubles:

Baubles and baubles and baubles and baubles...

Shirt: Black racer back tank, Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Multi-patterned full skirt, Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Vintage, tan kitten peep toe heels
Belt: Vintage cream colored belt

Ahem, now it's back to the work I was supposed to have started a little while ago. Stay tuned for this weekend's adventures (and outfits) because San Fran here I come. Should be crazy. Yes. Very crazy.


  1. oh my. these are great. i love all three. what's the secret???

  2. Haha. Well, I guess it wasn't much of a secret, because this hairstyle pretty much defies all laws of hair braiding known to womankind and trust me, I've tried to do it before to no avail. So I broke down and actually bought some fake hair extensions (it was like $3!), braided it and pinned it in. It fools all men but girls, after they stare at your hair for awhile, I think start to wonder. And there ya have it, my deep dark (hair) secret. :)

  3. God, that necklace is so gorgeous! And that floral dress!!

  4. The braid is gorgeous and definitely looks great (and real) in the photo! Hope you have a great weekend here in the city. :)

  5. love the high waisted skirt, so cute.

  6. That black chunky necklace just stole my heart. love love love. And I like how u put the outfit together with the shorts, tee, and vest so effortless


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