Friday, April 17, 2015

30 before 30 {ready, set, go!}

Admittedly I'm a bit behind on posting this. OK, it's been approximately 1 month and about 29 days since I turned the big 2-9, but who's counting? To be completely honest, I've had this list drafted for a while now, well before my 29th year struck, but there was something about the first item on my list that kept me from posting, that being this whole New York ride I'm on now. I guess I was afraid of jinxing something I've wanted so badly, that it felt strange to publish it, so, well, permanently

But that's the point of this whole thing, isn't it?

To really own up to what I've realized I know about myself (all thanks to my 20s) and to really look long and hard at what I want to accomplish next (hello, 30s!). Sure, some of these are moonshots. I may not get through every last one of them. But I'm not going to beat myself up over it, either. Regardless, the next year is full of so many exciting firsts, that I really want this list to serve as a mini testament to the things I don't want to put off any longer. Some small. Some monumental. Some silly. Some that will take me a great deal of courage. 

And I'm beyond excited to try them all.

Let's kick things off, shall we?

1. Finally, finally, finally move to New York City. (Done! As of April 6, 2015)

2. Once I'm there, become a pro at the subway (i.e. stop relying on Google Maps as much).

3. Start those piano lessons I talked about last year, and the year before that.

4. Write. A lot more. It's one of the main reasons I started this blog and I resent the fact I don't always get as much time to put the energy I'd like into every post. But I want to make an effort to change that.

5. Redesign this blog. It's more or less looked like this for far too long. It's time to bring it from 1999 to 2015.

6. Explore the East Coast as much as possible. High on my list this summer? Boston. Philadelphia. Washington D.C.

7. Run the New York Marathon.

8. With #7 in mind, I'd like to refocus on my overall fitness. In the past, I've gone back forth between different fad diets and haven't stuck with a general workout regimen for more than a few weeks or so. Now that I have far less commute time on the clock, it's all about getting strong and fit!

9. Visit Japan, chase the cherry blossoms via a rented motorcycle (technically to do that, I'll be 30 when spring rolls back around, but close enough).

10. Go to New Orleans. (Trip is booked for Christine's birthday later in June!)

11. Volunteer.

12. Take ballet classes.

13. Go to a Knicks game. Or two. 

14. Also, go to a Mets game (maybe when they play the Giants later in June!).

15. Take the ferry to Brooklyn.

16. Speaking of, explore Brooklyn.

17. Make time to read every day. Taking a crack at this list here.

18. Surfing lessons. Funny how I move away from California, and this winds up on my list.

19. Visit all the museums in New York City. Apparently there's 83, so I got my work cut out for me.

20. Have friends over for dinner once a month. And actually make dinner as opposed to ordering it.

21. Go on weekend trips with friends up to Montauk as much as possible this summer.

22. Learn how to drive a motorcycle.

23. Visit Chicago. I've never been -- isn't that crazy?!

24. Learn how to fly fish (luckily, I have a pretty good guide right here).

25. Find a reason to celebrate at Eleven Madison Park

26. Go hiking in Utah, and then hop over to Arizona so I can finally see this up close and personal

27. See a Broadway show at least once a month. February: If/Then // March: None // April: The Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

28. Already did the skydiving thing in New Zealand back in 2013, so how about bungee jumping?

29. Buy a stranger their morning coffee. Because, well, I've always wanted to!

30. Weather permitting, make a point to read a book out in Central Park as often as possible.

All in all, I think this list feels fairly actionable -- and I'm ready to start checking things off, one by one throughout this coming year. Ready, set, go!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

sanctuary {apartment inspiration}

For those of you who have followed This Time Tomorrow for a little while now, and perhaps saw my last few apartments captured in a variety of home tours, you know that I love a good clean, white room, with black and gold accents. And at this point, if you unpacked my boxes with me this weekend (speaking of, anyone wanna help?), you'd find I've accumulated more than my fair share of trinkets, statuettes, frames and general oddities in some gold or crisp black finish. Guilty as charged.

While I still have an affinity for that somewhat eclectic glam approach, I've been craving to mix things up lately and start fresh. Before leaving San Francisco, I purged a lot of furniture and home decor items that I found I just wasn't in love with anymore. Items that just didn't make me smile as much as they used to or pieces of furniture that felt like it was more of an obligation to bring and not a-can't-live-without sensation. 

So what's on the clean slate, you ask? Lately, I've been drawn to more moody spaces: accent walls in deep blues and greys, rustic, unfinished wood furniture, rich leather chairs that you can sink into and even considering venturing into wallpaper territory (the oversized, art-like kind, of course).

Here are a few pins I've been going back to lately for inspiration. I'm excited to dig into the local flea market scene here in New York and slowly craft and build out my little nook here in the West Village. 

Images via 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 
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