Monday, July 6, 2009

and CUT...

If you're like me (DIY-challenged) anything that can be done with a simple pair of scissors and some patience to change up even the most drab looking pieces is a godsend from the crafty beings above. This cutout dress is just that.

What originally started out as my $9 score from Wal-Mart, turned into a hot little peek-abo dress with diamond shapes at the sides. All it took was some tedious shaping (as to make the sides as even as possible) and some even bigger inspiration when my boyfriend pissed me off and I felt like cutting something sexy up. (For that Ian, you're off the hook.)

And the best part? It's so accessible. Think about your closet right now. I bet most of you have some kind of little black dress that needs some ... revamping. Go ahead, try it out. Go crazy. Cut!

Dress: DIY cut out dress, originally from Wal-Mart
Shoes: Black gladiator heels, Steve Madden
Jewelry: Gold, multi-layered charm necklace, Urban Outfitters


  1. Thanks! I can't emphasize enough just how simple this was. Of course, the cut job could have been a little cleaner, but seriously, if I can do this, anyone can. :)

  2. I love how well it matches your shoes! They look like they belong together :)

  3. great Idea and the product is so good :)
    nicky x

  4. simple, but edgy! great look!


  5. Cute! I love how you made a simple black dress into something more stylish. Love the necklace as well :)

  6. Simple yet great! The dress looks super sexy, love it!

  7. Definitely my favorite so far!

  8. cool idea. im no good with the diy but practice makes perfect no ? its all about trying it with clothes you wouldnt mind beng gone .. if it works than its great cuz i have something that i woulnt have worn before turned into something cool that i can now wear

  9. Nice one--WAY cheaper than the cut out dress at Urban. I like how you limited it to just two big cut outs. Perhaps you could try several smaller ones on a different dress?


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