Thursday, July 9, 2009

never trust a woman in socks

Yes, here it is, folks. I thought this day would never come. Brace yourself. Here it comes. Ready?
I finally warmed up to the idea of wearing socks.
Now don't get me wrong. It's not that I'm opposed to cotton/rayon fabric against my ankles in any way, quite the opposite actually, especially on winter nights. But there's something about the unspoken requirement to wear them, the attachment, the necessity that bugs me. And probably the fact that I used to have a drawer full of black socks when I was a waitress as they would "sock check" us before every shift, making sure NO ONE had white or (insert other colors here). Nazi regime, anyone?
But once I started seeing more and more of this sock action popping up, particularly with cute heels, I looked at my neglected sock drawer of yesteryear and felt a tinge of guilt for neglect. So I donned these puppies with my new yellow strappy gladiator heels (I think it's a nice contrast) and dressed it down a bit with my cut-offs and a plaid shirt I rescued from my boyfriend's goodwill pile.
Socks, you're still not exactly on my good side. But you're not on the bad either. I guess that's a start, right?
Shirt: Vintage plaid men's shirt, from Ian's closet
Shorts: DIY jean cut-offs
Shoes: Yellow strappy gladiator heels, Nine West
Belt: Vintage gold leaf belt
Hat: Black panama hat, Halston


  1. wow i love that plaid shirt! i've been eyeing one from my boyfriend's closet

  2. I have never considered wearing socks like that. My whole thing was that if it’s hot enough to wear sandals why cover my feet, yet I like how this looks. The socks aren’t over powering and the outfit flows. Did you wear this work?

  3. Very beautiful shirt...and very original socks...:-))))!!!!

  4. I HATE wearing socks, but this outfit may have changed my mind. Brilliant!

  5. Thanks girls! It's a fun outfit, I'm just trying to get used to having heels with socks. Weird. Definitely different.

    Lilli: Yep, wore this to work. And savored every last strange look from the office. Taking these pictures was interesting as it was in front of the warehouse behind out office building. Don't you just love feeling out of place sometimes? Ha.

  6. Net-A-Porter!!! Its fun, isn't it? Link:

  7. Cute! I recently tried out the socks with heels trend for myself and loved the look.
    I can't believe you got sock checked - how funny!

  8. thanks for your entry! :) No the tights are not from H&M. I found them in my wardrobe and didn't even know that I had such tights.

  9. Dont forget that july 29 is coming up soon! You must blog about what good thing happens to you on that day! lol remember the fortune cookie?

  10. beauitful plaid shirt and the blet is such a great ouch for thelook

    oh sock thing ? i dont know if i'll ever do it . i think my legs are too short .i t would be a disaster . but you look good here .

  11. LOVE the outfit! I have wanted to try the sock-with-heels look but I haven't had the courage yet.

  12. My dad had a shirt like this when I was in middle school. I wore it to school at least once a week...unbuttoned and tied at the waist. I wish I still had that shirt!


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