Sunday, August 9, 2009

I <3 NY

Alright, so another day skipped. Sorry, folks, things have been pretty crazy lately entertaining the fact that I'll be switching over to a job that I will really, truly love. Exciting and nerve-wracking all at once. But more on that later.

This outfit has been my weekend bumming outfit. You know the kind. Roll out of bed, mow the lawn that has now grown 7 inches out of control, take a shower and throw on the first thing that looks a.) clean b.) comfy c.) proclaims your love for a certain city.

Sure, it's not that exciting of an outfit, but I could seriously live in this. If white didn't have a horrible reputation for getting dirty quickly, that is.

On a side note, and a cherry on top of my bumming weekend, the lovely Lacy of Lacy's Mess has done a sweet, little feature on me. Why is beyond me because this girl has some serious rocking style all her own with some of the most awesome hats I've seen. You can check out the feature here, but do please, stop by and see her outfits first. 

Thanks again, Lacy!

Shirt: I Heart NY souvenir shirt, gift
Skirt: Black bandage skirt, Target
Shoes: Brown leather jazz shoes, vintage
Sunglasses: Tortoise shell Wayfarers, vintage Ray-Bans


  1. i. want. your. shoes.
    honestly, i feel like i have fallen in love again. (first love was donuts, you just cant beat them). i love your blog!

  2. aww, what a lovely top! love it <3! oh, and I LOVE you shoes, they're amazing! ^^

  3. hey ny girl tell us about the job!!

  4. loving the weekend look! and I agree tell us about this new job!! Sounds like you are very happy about it!!!

  5. Thanks for the tip dear. I'm seriously in love with those jazz flats. If you ever come across a size 8.5 in something similar call me immediately.

  6. I think I could live in this outfit too, looks so comfy. And the shoes are really too adorable!

  7. Hi new here, so glad I found this blog! You do such great work! Love your outfit here :P I will be back for more!


  8. Yay new job! This looks cute and so comfy.

  9. Don't apologize for skipping days! I'm always amazed not only by your impressive number of posts, but by the quality of each and every one!

  10. am so in love with the shoes . imade sure to go to lacys and give you much praise:)


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