Monday, September 7, 2009

weardrobe conference day numero dos

Awesome quiche breakfast at Eat Records. I get hungry just by looking at this photo.

The aftermath of a day of Brooklyn thrift shopping.

This is what most of our faces looked like 95 percent of the time. Claire of Faboo, (and one of my awesome roomies!) represented the Flip video camera well.

Katy of Kansas Couture, one of the other awesome roomies, is all smiles.

Yep, that's her! Tavi of Style Rookie slowed down the group a bit with people stopping and recognizing her on the street. Tavi, you're a Style Pro, now, dontcha think?

Amy of Flying a Kite, Sara of Style Magnet and Claire of Faboo about to walk into signs and parked cars.

Arabelle of Fashion Pirates is about to get crafty for our DIY jeans project.

Who is Artists and Fleas welcoming? Oh, right. WEARDROBE. Damn. Straight. Noel of The Owls Are Not What They Seem plays Vanna White for me. Thanks Noel!

Pssttt...I totally dig these girls. Completely. Awesome. Christine of My Style Pill, Katy of Kansas Couture, and Jessica of What I Wore. (Photo from What I Wore)

Well, that's it. I officially do not want to go home. It's Monday, the conference is over and I still have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure that I just spent the most awesome weekend with 20 of the most interesting, stylish, witty and intelligent girls around. And one guy (yes, you Rich!)


Yep, I think it's real, folks.

Just to recap though, DAY TWO consisted of lots of Brooklyn thrift shopping, starting out first with a lovely brunch at Eat Records, hosted by the equally lovely girls of Fred Flare. For those of you who haven't checked out Fred Flare, please do. Not only was I completely enamored with their cute clothes and quirky gifts, the girls in the shop were incredibly helpful and excited we were there. A huge thanks to both Fred Flare and Eat Records!

Next, we continued on to yet another Beacon's Closet (where I picked up a fun little skirt/dress number, stay tuned) Buffalo Exchange and Artists and Fleas. Translation: Shopped. Until. We. Dropped.

We wrapped up the day with a studding extravaganza as part of our DIY workshop, courtesy of PacSun and their line of jeans. Again, stay tuned for my bad-ass pair.

Lastly, we ate a highly anticipated delicious meal at Fat Hippo with guests Gabby and Feliss from the Gilt Groupe. The conversation, drinks and company couldn't have been better before turning out for a night of wine and cheesecake back up at the penthouse Weardrobe HQ.

Glamorous, much?

I think so.

Just a little.

For more photos and probably embarrassing videos, check here.

Recap of day three to follow soon.


  1. oh man .. i bet you girls cleaned out brooklyn and nyc in a number of days

  2. awesome pics again. Looks like it was a blast.

  3. Wow, I loveeeee Aritst and Fleas, i didn't know you were gonna go! (: You must have hhad a great time.

  4. Love these pics! It's kind weird (and fun) to see heaps of my fav bloggers all together.
    And look, you're smiling! Love it!

  5. I thought it was surreal being there... now it's surreal being home! KB I MISS YO' FACE.

  6. again, some great pics! Thanks for sharing - it sounds like an unforgettable experience

  7. Congratulations on getting picked! I had not heard of your blog but I'm so happy I did thanks to Elaine of clothed much. The photos are really great!

  8. great photos, all my favs blogger in there :)


  9. Luv ur pics and blog! I linked ur blog to myne under The Chic Ones, hope thats ok.

    Jasna- Chictopia

  10. MISS YOU!! I want to go back! I have school in less than 2 hours, wtf.

    belle was totally right about me looking like a grandma in that outfit

    ps my captcha is "COUGLESS," I think because i am now without my favorite cougs? Haha

  11. Krystal, I am SO jealous!!!!! Looks like you girls had such a great time! I would've loved to meet all those fabulous bloggers as well! Love the pics and recap...keep'em coming :D

  12. It sounds like the best of times for those few days! Would love to have been there myself but the pics will have to do!Looking forward to more photos and all the things you bought out there. Love it...Jill,

  13. Oh my gosh, that quiche is killlling me it looks so good!

    I just found your blog and it is ador-able. I love the little red cape outfit you posted with the basket purse. Well, I love all basket purses.

    Anyway, wow, I'm hungry for quiche now haha.

    -Hannah /

  14. ahhhh, so jealous of all your fun! looks like you guys had a great time! ps- that red wall looks like my red wall!

  15. These pictures are amazing! So much fun!

  16. These pictures are so great!! It sounds like you girls had an amazing time!!

    P.S. I just wanted to let you know I LOVE your blog... your post are alwasy so well written and the outfits you create are to die for! Great job!!


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