Monday, October 12, 2009

weekend repeat outfit

Since this was a deadline weekend and I'm horrible at packing for multiple days in advance (actually, I usually just don't take the time to remember to pack) I literally lived in this outfit. Yes, if you must know, I smell now.

On the same note, sorry for the crazy absence. Proof reading, re-proof reading, writing, designing and generally losing your mind over a magazine is time consuming work. So today, I rest. And try to regain my sanity, of course.

Jacket: Black tuxedo blazer, Express
Shirt: Screen printed tank top, Forever 21
Jeans: Distressed light wash skinny jeans, Pac Sun
Shoes: Thrifted black cage heels


  1. Okay, those chalked up 'rock + roll' bricks are just genius. Did you just find those, or did you do it for the sake of this photo/having around because it's awesome? Either way, I applaud you.

  2. What magazine do you work for? I'm trying to get into magazines and possibly going to grad school for fashion journalism.

    Love the top with the blazer!

  3. love the t-shirt! and it looks great with the necklaces/blazer, perfect mix of casual/professional. :)

  4. such a flawless casual outfit
    thanks for sharing darling, absolutely flawless

    check out my blog @

  5. This is a pretty perfect crazy busy weekend outfit!

  6. the blazer is dope! I love your great backgrounds!

  7. At least its a cute outfit since you were stuck in it all weekend! It definitely wouldn't be an outfit I would mind wearing multiple times

  8. i love your blog- really pretty pictures!
    If you have time would you look at mine?
    thanks and keep it up!

  9. lovely! i'm especially fan of the shoes :)

  10. great rock-chic outfit! love it <3! ^^

  11. love the bricks in the background. rock and roll!

  12. That background is terribly creative. I'm picturing you on the steps of someone's house. Plus, you're totally living my dream working at a magazine. Especially if it's a fashion magazine, you know I'm jealous! ;)

  13. Love your outfit! The jeans, the blazer, the tee, the shoes! You look amazing!


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