Thursday, November 19, 2009

whoa weardrobe!

Sorry Bank of America. Looks like I have yet another reason why I might have to be late with my credit card payment.


But totally worth it. I swear B of A. You would be late too if you saw what Weardrobe just added to their site.

For those of you, perhaps like B of A, who don't know Weardrobe, I suggest you join ASAP. Not only do you upload and catalogue your own style photos and closet items, but now you can actually shop via their site, as they recently partnered with, an online shopping site that gives you similar item suggestions from a wide variety of retailers.

Take my above photo for example - the skirt and shoe link pictures actually direct you to a listing of different brands and price ranges for a similar item to what I'm wearing in the photo.

Tres awesome, no?

So you see B of A, it's not my fault. I mean, surely you've wanted someone else's leather skirt and had to know where to get it. Right??

That's what I thought.

P.S. Outfit post later today, promise!


  1. that's sooo cool! thanks for sharing! love the blog by the way...

    would love to exchange links!

  2. such a hot outfit! so chic

  3. Love this outfit!!!I want your skirt!!


  4. LOVE those gloves! <3

  5. Thank you for sharing this, I love the skirt.

  6. Yikes, you're stepping into dangerous territory. I know the feeling. It's thrilling/scary. XO

    Good luck with B of A.

  7. WOW! I take like 2 days off from Weardrobe and find out that THIS has been going on! Unbelievable!

  8. FANTASTIC! You always look great but I especially love it when you break out the leather skirt. You should wear it more often. I wish my wife would get her leather skirts out of the back of her closet again. Perhaps your "classy" look will inspire her to do so?


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