Sunday, December 27, 2009


Nothing like blogging next to a space heater. Until you realize that your Mac is overheating.

Just out of curiosity, what are all of you wearing for New Year's? I'm on the hunt. No prospects yet, though.

Happy Sunday!

T-Shirt: Owl print v-neck, Urban Outfitters
Shirt: Denim button up, Gap
Pants: Black leggings, Walmart
Boots: Black motorcycle boots, Dirty Laundry
Bag: Black handbag, Old Navy


  1. a few things-

    1) love this outfit, especially the boots!
    2) was just reading through your past posts and saw the new york plea. although i cant help you with jobs or living situations, i can recommend a restaurant- pasti's. its in the meatpacking district and it is the most amazing place i have ever been to. its the coziest little french place with the most fashionable and classy people, and its priced very reasonably although expect to wait a little bit. balthazar is like the sister restaurant and is also amazingly great
    3) im wearing a black velevt bodycon dress for new years with some gold bling. i recommend sparkles, gold, and shiny as its one of the only times of year that you can wear it and feel completely in your element and not look tacky
    4) ive been following your blog for a while, and loveee it!

    good luck- can't wait to see what you wear!

  2. love the whole casual/cool thing you got goin'... i'm not sure exactly what i'll be wearing, but i'm sure it will include lots of black, sequins, and dark lipstick. ;) hope you have a good one!

  3. I love the shoes as well! And the shirt, for some reason I have a fascination with anything that has owls on it.
    As for new years, I might be wearing this one shoulder dress I just bought from UO. I am hoping that it will be warm though (I live in FL.). I also agree about wearing anything shiny. I think its perfect to wear on any celebration (your birthday, holidays, etc.).

  4. great outfit!! what i'll be wearing for new year? my pajamas is guess, since i'll be sleeping through the new year.. haha.. ^_^

    but something shiny could be fun. sequin dress perhaps??

  5. I almost thrifted a denim button-down yesterday but left it behind; I'm totally regretting it now that I see you in yours.

    I'm spending NYE in LA with some relatives, so probably something low-key and pretty.

  6. Seriously? Walmart for those leggings? Fantastic! I will be wearing vintage for New Year!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  7. love your casual look, and that bag is fantastic.
    i have the perfect nye look with a lace overlay skirt, but i think i might just be in sweats with my family :)

  8. Such a cute outfit! Love the tee.
    Fabu, as usual! :)

    -Kiki xo

  9. so cool! WOW!

  10. This is great outfit :D
    I am in serious need on a denim shirt, so HOPEFULLY, Topshop will be kind, and send me one. Okay, that won't happen :)

    Panda xx

  11. Im wearing my french connection cha cha dress with some gladiator sandals (bearing in mind im in the carribean) I love your boots!

  12. Great outfit.. i'm still hunting for my NYE outfit.. i think i got the dress sorted (unless i find something better haha) still need shoes and clucth!

    Meho xx

  13. N-n-n-n-ice outfit :) I mean really nice. I love your denim shirt. It´s perfect :)

  14. Love those boots. I'm thinking about wearing a pretty black sparkly dress for New Years, mostly because I never have any other occasion to wear it for.

  15. Love the chambray shirt! I've been on the hunt for a cool one and have had some luck at thrift stores, but didn't end up buying any because I just couldn't think of what would look good with it in my wardrobe. I love the simplicity yet .. rockability? of this outfit. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. love the leggings/boots combo. i'll be wearing a green tiered ruffle vintage dress with some textured tights, black platform booties and a fur vest. basically i'm trying to cram as many trends as possible into one outfit, from the sound of it! :)

  17. yOU LOOK gorgeous!
    I love your bag!:)


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