Tuesday, December 7, 2010

in need of...



Photos via: Vanessa Jackman, Fashionising and Chicmuse

OK. I'll admit it. I wasn't sold on the whole leather pants trend, for quite a while. There was something about the possibility of looking too much like I was itching to join a bar fight that didn't appeal to me.


I've warmed up to the idea. Not a bar fight. But the idea of wearing leather (or actually faux) leather pants. There's something about it paired down with a sharp looking blazer, slightly sheer light blouse and heels that I seem to be obsessing over lately.

I spotted a pair over the weekend at H&M only to be sadly disappointed in the dressing room when I realized I was never in a million years going to get the pair on me. (Soooo tiny!)

Do any of you have some good leads on where I can pick up a pair? Shoot me an e-mail! I'd love to hear about it!

Oh yes, and happy Tuesday!


  1. love leather pants--so hard to find the perfect fitting pair:(

  2. Love leather pants!! Have a pair I wish I could fit it!

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  3. You would totally kill it in a pair of leather pants. I hope you find some! I, on the other hand, will just admire from afar, as I can't imagine stuffing my booty in a pair. Ha!

  4. Completely agree - I'm warming up to the faux leather pants as well. They seem much more practical / wearable then I first thought... I'm just wondering how comfortable they actually are?

  5. Everyone should own at least one pair of good leather pants. You can wear them anywhere. You can dress them up or down, depending upon your mood. Mine are one of my favorite things hanging in the closet.

    I suggest trying to find some old North Beach Leather pants on ebay. Michael Hoban made the best stuff before they went out of business years ago. I think that West Coast Leather is currently the label?


  6. I love the leather pants!



  7. I opted for leather-like leggings from American Apparel. When I went they had several pairs and I snagged a more matte look..

    I like them a lot for dressing up when you don't feel like putting a skirt/dress on. They are probably a lot lighter and less bulky than leather pants as well. I think you should... GO NOW... =)

  8. You're gonna love your leather pants once you get them. Despite your hesitation, I think they're quite you.

    I wear these twice a week. I'd wear them everyday if I wasn't so hung up on NOT wearing something two days in a row...


    Bliss. XO

  9. Hey..love your blog! yes, I am warming up to leather pants or shorts these days. i would thrift for some as i love to thrift. good luck on the hunt.

    XO Lisa

  10. you should def buy a pair! they are always working for me when I'm out of ideas, they are like basics to me! haha:)))

  11. I love the leather pants but actually I own 3 pairs but i've never worn them... I dont have the guts LOL.

  12. I think I tried on the same pair in H&M and had the same reaction... but then I stubbornly tried to pull them over my thin-but-not-model-thin legs... no luck! I'd love to hear of a pair that look great on normal women.


  13. ahh, need a pair of these too but really not sure i would be able to pull them off!


    PS:giving a fabulous anchor tee away on my blog that i know you will love!


  14. I love these photos! Now I want a pair too...


  15. Luv the leather pants look. Easy to dress up or down!! I have one I got from a very inexpensive store called Danice!


  16. I know what you mean, but it's so easy to give in when they're styled really well!


  17. These picture are absolutely amazing and i love the leather pants look.

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