Thursday, January 6, 2011

one of those days




Do you ever just have one of those days where everything feels off? I've been battling a cold for the past few days and I forgot how much these things WIPE you out. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically.

I rolled out of bed this morning, fresh from a deep Nyqil sleep, threw this outfit on (in hopes to recreate this outfit) and ended up feeling uncomfortable all day in it.

I actually have lots of days like this (more than I would like to admit, actually). I usually tend to not document them on here, but figured I would own up to it -- an outfit flop. There. I said it! We're only human, right? It happens.


To see how a lady like jacket like this should be worn, check out this little lady. She did it right.

And now, sweatpants are calling my name.

Jacket: Tweed suit jacket, Urban Outfitters
Blouse: Polka dot sheer blouse, Therapy in SF
Shorts: Jean cut off shorts, vintage Levis
Boots: Black suede over the knee boots, Topshop


  1. The blouse is stunning! If it wasn't -10 degrees in Toronto I would be dying to wear it!


  2. You look great, I hope you feel better tomorrow.

  3. Love your necklace! Great casual style.

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

    Take the Goodwill Huntingg Challenge!

  4. Love this! So chic :)

  5. Definitely not an outfit flop! So cute.

  6. It's cute over the shoulders. I love those boots...tall boots are so easy with casual outfits. I love it.

  7. i have those days all the time! i'm too frustrated to post mine though, so i admire you for that!

    i enjoy your blouse and necklace dearly!


  8. Personally, not that the other two are bad in any way, but I like your outfit best.

  9. Man, your outfit flop would be an outfit-win for me...
    I often go "gee, this doesn't work at all actually" when I catch a glimpse of myself halfway through a working day, I hate when that happens.

  10. this dots shirt is amazing, love it so much!

  11. Hate those days... But I've found it usually has more to do with me than with the outfit (on those days, I even feel uncomfortable in my favourite outfits, so).

    Anyway, I think your outfit looks really good!

  12. Have had a bad cold the whole week i know what you are feeling. It's a bitch.

    Love the shorts look. IT'S my go to look (or uniform) when i don't know anything else what to wear. Shorts with stocking never fail :)

  13. Lovely Look :)))


    You are welcomre to visit my blog too :))

  14. You look gorgeous despite not feeling quite yourself. Feel better!

    I always struggle with looks that don't feel worthy of documentation, but I think it's honest to show even those that aren't our favorites. Well done!


  15. i just discovered your blog and love it!
    where is your necklace from? it's so cute.

  16. You look great; this isn't an outfit "flop" at all! Hope you're feeling better soon.


  17. ha! i know the feeling. love the polka dots though.

  18. i just love this outfit, there is just something about polka dots that i can't get enough of:) i also love your blog and think you have an awesome sense of style! so i awarded you with the "trendy blog award"

    check it out!

    eden from creativelovechild


  19. Feel Better!


  20. I like the attempt! I think it would lovely with darker jeans! For me, that's what's off-putting.

    But you look lovely, as always! I wish I had hair like yours!

  21. This is not an outfit flop whatsoever! I hope you feel better though.


  22. Oh I cant believe this is a flop for you! I saw this yesterday and then decided to wear jeans shorts (I made them last night haha) because I liked it so much and I just posted an outfit picture and everything!.

    I dont think you ever get it wrong! Even those Jodpur things you linked in your post the other day looked good on you!

    But I hope you feel better :)


  23. sweatpants really are the best, :) but such a great outfit!

  24. Awww..I know EXACTLY how you feel. When my schedule gets really busy in the Spring and Fall I always just throw on whatever's around ...and then I feel guilty for not dressing up. But if I do, I'm uncomfortable! That's why I like to set time aside just for dressing up. Or planning the days ahead so I'm prepared :]

    I hope you feel better! [Hugs]

    Castle Fashion

  25. I think its the shorts!

    Everything looks great, but sometimes denim shorts...just don' know? And then the next time you put them on its all fine...

    you still look lovely :)

  26. I think the outfit is not off at all,you look great!I love the jacket and how you styled it. Hope you feel better soon!!!

  27. I think you look fabulous!!! And this isn't a flop in my eyes. You're gorgeous and wear your clothes so well!!! I hope your feeling better =)

  28. polka dots and thigh high boots- these are a few of my favorite things.

    Illnesses are not on my list though. Hope you feel better :(


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