Friday, January 14, 2011

sponsor spotlight!


Was just shopping around my lovely sponsors the other day and I figured I should formally introduce everyone! Given that this time of year is a great time to start picking up any end of fall/winter items and gearing up for spring, I love scouring around my online haunts for both. The outfit possibilities seem endless.

Need Supply (top row of products) just about steals my heart every time with their edgy and dash of minimalistic styling. I just love these finds too, all of them appropriate moving into spring (ahem, a San Francisco spring = chilly and lots of rain). In fact, I think that jacket just might have to be mine soon, to be worn with flowy, floral dresses or perhaps even jean cut off shorts and tights.


LaLaLand Vintage is a new online shop to me and I couldn't be happier to have come across it. The curation of their vintage is impeccable (I mean, just look at that Navajo print jacket in the center!) not to mention it's run by perhaps the cutest lets-start-a-vintage-clothing-store couple I've ever seen. Definitely worth checking in on daily to see what treasures you might be able to scoop up!

Top row: (left to right)
L/S Ripped Dress, Need Supply, $54; Mary Lou by Jeffrey Campbell, Need Supply, $132; Shearling Lined Jacket, Need Supply, $74

Bottom row: (left to right)
Embroidered Mexican Skirt, LaLaLand Vintage, $60; Aztec Southwestern Navajo Jacket, LaLaLand Vintage, $42; Brown Cable Knit Shredded Sweater Jumper, LaLaLand Vintage, $38


  1. love the dress and the wedge! I wish I could pull off things like that Navajo print jacket...

  2. Those sweaters are awesome! wanna own them...
    Hope you'll pass to mine too.

  3. I absolutely LOVE Need Supply and I am obsessed with that jacket. Even had it on me Christmas wishlist on my blog.


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