Friday, May 2, 2014

link love {friday distractions}

All I can say is -- TGIF! This week sure did a number on me so I'm looking forward to some serious R&R this weekend. Ironically enough though, whenever I say that (as my boyfriend is probably thinking to himself while reading this), I usually end up planning the heck out of the weekend. Case in point: if you asked me on Tuesday what I wanted to be doing this Saturday, I'd probably tell you: bike riding, hiking, making brunch, napping at the beach, and going on a road trip all before dinner and drinks. 

This weekend though, I'm going to make a very conscious effort to just relax. Of course, in the amount of time it took me to write that sentence, I already thought of five other things I wanted to jam into my little Saturday and Sunday. Ah, three day weekends, when will you become the norm?

1. My girl crush on Taylor Tomasi Hill knows no bounds. Especially after this feature she did with Zara. PS -- I'm not sure how I didn't realize this sooner, but apparently she's started her own floral business? #SignMeUp
3. If you're in need of a pick me up right now, check out this kid belting "Drunk in Love." I dare you to NOT be in a good mood afterward. 
5. What to scoop up from the Kate Moss X Topshop collection. I'm eyeing the silk pajama set. 
6. I love covers of men's songs sun by women. This version of "All Shook Up" is just too good.
7. Move over #Selfies. It's all about the #Shelfie now
8. All hail the bob! The 21 best bobs of all time. From Coco to Elizabeth Taylor.


  1. Great post and a fun read.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Love your link choices, some great reads here!

    Have a nice weekend,

  3. Great links. PJ set from Kate Moss Topshop is adorable!

    New post...

  4. Nice selection, very varied. Happy weekend!

  5. Color of the year makeup today on my fashion blog Please follow me and I'll follow back! Leave a comment to let me know what you think, I'm new here!


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