Monday, May 11, 2015

such lengths {the great hair debate}

If you've been following along here on This Time Tomorrow for a while now, you may recall this post from 2012. Where I chopped  off my hair. About 12 inches to be exact. 

As someone who had long hair for most of her life, I remember sitting in the hairdresser's chair in San Francisco (hey, Deb!), literally going white and panicking. Confession: I probably rescheduled that appointment four times until eventually asking a friend to go with me to make sure I actually followed through. My friend stayed. And she cut it. And I felt so liberated. 

Isn't it funny that something like hair can have such control over us? Personally, I'm not one to take many chances with my hair -- before that big cut in 2012, I went through my Zooey Deschanel phase (like everyone else) with blunt bangs and up until a few weeks ago, I had never really colored my hair either. 

But really. It's just hair. And it grows. 

This is a really rambling way of saying: I'm growing my hair out again. Don't get me wrong. I still love my current long bob cut. It's been good to me over the past few years and it still feels really me at the end of the day. 

But it's good to mix things up, right? And no better time to mix things up than in the midst of a lot of other change. After all, I've secretly been missing messy, undone beachy waves, loose ponytails and fishtail braids. Heck, even my celebrity doppelgänger is growing hers outAll of which I can enjoy, in oh, about a year from now. 

In the meantime, I've been gathering a few inspiration images here on Pinterest, with a subtle balayage touch, to hold me over. Have you guys recently grown your hair out? What did you do about the awkward in between phases?

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  1. I'm almost 44, with just-past-the-shoulder length hair. I get subtle highlights and lowlights to cover my (luckily, minimal) greys. The whole long-hair-past-40 debate comes up from time to time in my life and people ask if I'll cut it at some point as I am clearly now elderly. I don't care what people think: I like my hair long even if I wear it in a sleek pony 99% of the time (Auckland humidity and coarse hair don't mix!).

  2. I'm in the awkward growing out phase now with my hair! I decided to cut it short post-baby, remembering that my short hair was so quick and easy to style. I hate it, I miss my long hair and I'm just willing it to grow back, haha!

    Away From The Blue

  3. Love seeing all these outfits again! I used to have really long hair and chopped it all off for a bob, constantly torn between what I'd rather have!

    Louise x

  4. I kinda wish that I could have that awkward phase because husband does not allow me to chop off my hair!

  5. I'm 50 and have short hair now (over the shoulders). last year I had it long by the middle of my back and loved it. But I'm not very handy to style it and got tired of the winter mess and the summer pony tails, so I cut it. Sometimes I thing I should grow it out again as I miss it. But, as I also like short hair cuts, I think I'll chop it again on a different hair cut. The problem is that I like to "feel" hair, so even short it has to have volume. I understand you so well and I like you both ways. Your hair looks great shot or long, so go ahead.

  6. your hair is gorgeous

  7. I remember when you had that longer hair! I think it's fun to change things up and have been feeling similar to you lately. I went blonde and quite a bit shorter last summer and while I love it, I can't help but miss having longer, darker hair. I think I may go back in the Fall but getting blonde has taken so much time/work so I hope I don't end up regretting it.

    xo, alison*elle

  8. awesome style!! ;-)

    new post

  9. I love the long locks, but the short bob has been fun too! It is crazy how hair has so much influence on how we feel
    Dresses & Denim

  10. I totally know how it feels! I just cut off 7 and it was a little heartbreaking but now I'm thinking of going even shorter! you look phenomenal with both :)

    xx, mel

  11. Amazing! You always look perfect!

  12. I love the shorter style, it's more special and edgy. With the longer hair you look like everyone out there! Keep it that way :)
    x Fiona

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  14. I'm feeling you, but in the reverse: I have long hair and have been toying with the idea of a summer chop. I've had various lengths throughout my life, but I'm aware that I feel my prettiest with my long hair - I feel like it has the most options. But there are some super cute shorter cuts out there that speak to me. Like you said, its just hair, it will grown back. But women are so connected to our hair, aren't we? Decisions, decisions...

  15. You look great with long hair. I'm excited to see it on you again.


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