Monday, June 29, 2009

reading between the lines

Little by little, I'm pushing the envelope as to what I wear to work. It's pretty casual in the first place, but it is a law firm after all, thereby disqualifying most of my summer wardrobe on the grounds of, well it's a law firm.

This little number, for the most part, I picked up in San Fran and absolutely love, love, love the loose feeling of this shirt. The high-waisted shorts automatically won in duel against my cut-off shorts (again, it's a law firm after all) and the boots, I thought, why the hell not? Who doesn't wear their black, lace-up ankle boots on a Monday?

Certainly, this girl does.

Now, wish me luck with the lawyers. I'm going to need it.

Shirt: Black and white striped t-shirt, Urban Outfitters
Shorts: High-waisted jean shorts, Express
Boots: Black, lace-up ankle boots, H&M
Jewelry: Gold, multi-layered charm necklace, Urban Outfitters
Shades: Gold aviators, H&M


  1. i love the necklace. cute outfit. very modern take on a classic look.

  2. i wish you luck. i work at a corporate office as well and i wore something along these lines but had black opac tights underneith.

    the next day i was sitting in the hr office getting a lecture of what is appropriate work attire.

    however i wasnt showing a touch of skin. my theory is maybe they shouldnt hire tall skinny pretty girls if they can't handle us.

  3. love the shorts, they are so cute! and i love the stripes with them

  4. Thank you! As far as work appropriate goes, I think it went off with a smashing success. Not a peep from any of my co-workers. Point for Krystal. Zero for the co-workers.


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