Thursday, July 2, 2009

stripes + florals, the grand experiment

I've been wanting to try this look out for quite some time now, ever since spotting July Vogue's spread on mixing the joys of florals (who doesn't love flowers?) and stripes (who doesn't love feeling nautical?). The only glitch was that, while I have plenty of the aforementioned patterns, none of them felt right together, you know what I mean? Like too much clashing attitude.
And that's when I finally had to concede that I'm not much of a pattern mixer. Initially, when I first got this skirt, I planned on wearing a black or perhaps navy blue bouse with it, something that wouldn't distract from the flowers. Nothing too heavy.
Still, I didn't want to admit defeat and decided on this navy blue and white striped tank from yesteryear, took a deep breath and walked out the door to work. Some interesting looks, yes but I did manage to solicit an interesting run-in at the gas station that went something like this:
Random guy: Hey, excuse me...
Me: Yes?
Random guy: I just wanted to tell you that the sun has nothing on you. Stay gorgeous, sweetheart.
Me: Thank you, sir. That's sweet of you to say...uhh...I hate to ask you this now, but I need to move my car and you're blocking me.
I was tempted to ask his opinion of florals and stripes together, but figured I wouldn't get an honest answer from him.
What do you guys think? Hate it or love it?

Tank: Blue and white striped tank, American Eagle
Skirt: Floral, tulip shaped skirt, Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Vintage, tan kitten peep-toe heels
Jewelry: Coral colored bangles, CR
Belt: Vintage tan belt


  1. I think yu have the power to pull it off, but I on the other hand can not. Love the skirt too.

  2. Love it! It works really well because neither of the pieces stand out.. they just work together. Great outfit.

  3. Love it! If I did something like this, I'd definitely have to make the stripes smaller, though. You certainly make it work!

  4. I love the nautical feel of this outfit! You look amazing.

  5. I love it! Not sure about the shoes and belt (in my humble opinion:)) but the skirt is gorgeous!!!

  6. I love the mix of patterns. This is great!

    Thanks for the movie suggestion. I def want to see "Up"

  7. i want this skirt!!!! is amazing!!!!!

  8. I say, if you can pull off mixing patterns, go for it - and you can definitely pull it off! Super cute.

  9. I like this striped tank a lot more than the striped t-shirt you showed me with it the other day. then again, maybe i just needed to see it on.

  10. I love it! I think it's because of the blues in both items. You look amazing!!!!

  11. Def a bit more on the daring side but i really think it works for you. I like it!

  12. I flippin' LOVE THAT SKIRT. I literally picked it up and (almost) drooled yesterday at UO. Lovely outfit.


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