Monday, July 20, 2009

weardrobe dress up day #1


Remember that package that I received the other day on my doorstep? Well, let's just say the Weardrobe Closet was good to me. Trust me, the selection process was not easy, especially trying to narrow it down to three items. Tears were shed and blood, probably spilled, but in the end I gave one of my roses to this BDG Convertible Skirt from Urban Outfitters.

The skirt itself is awesome. Fun pattern, great feel to it and deceivingly comfortable for summer outfits. Only problem that I encountered was that I wish it was an eensie, weensie, teensie bit longer. I'm all for mini skirts, even with my somewhat stumpy legs, but if I have to spend most of the day trying to shimmy the thing down to sorta cover my bum, well, Houston, we have an outfit problem.

Don't get me wrong though, still love this skirt. I'm contemplating holding it hostage, but I don't think the Weardrobe karma gods will appreciate that.

In completely unrelated but still exciting news, I was tagged by the incredibly stylish Liz over at Late Afternoon to let you, oh devoted readers, in on ten things that you may or may not or just may not want to know about little ol' me. So let the creative and oh so insightful listing of things begin:

1.) I'm a vegetarian. Unfortunately, I'm a vegetarian with no admirable reasons and have been known to wear some fur on occasion. I know, I know, send PETA out to get me.

2.) My claim to writing fame (thus far) was when I wrote an Onion-esque column for my college newspaper about Lady Gaga and Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons. Huffington Post picked it up, reported it as true and someone even included it on Lady Gaga's Wiki page.

3.) I love satire anything.

4.) My nickname at my last job was Chubby since I'm always eating something. In fact, I'm 99 percent sure they installed the new vending machine just for me.

5.) I ran a marathon once and lost my two big toe nails because of ill-fitting shoes that began to hurt around mile 5.

6.) I have broken the hanging rack in my closet due to excessive weight from clothes far more times than I would like to admit.

7.) I wish I could have lived in Paris and been one of Hemingway's fellow expatriates.

8.) Pssst...I have a confession. I don't think the world is going to end in 2012.

9.) I studied abroad in Italy for a semester in college during the 2006 Winter Olympics. I met Shaun White while I was there. His red hair is not that red. Disappointing.

10.) Making fun of Sarah Palin is a pastime for me. She's like a bad car crash. Horrible but hard to turn away from.

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Happy Monday everyone!


  1. These outfits are VERY cool! You managed to create beautiful complete looks. I love how each outfit is unique but the 1st one is def. my favorite!

  2. Love the skirt! That second outfit with the military inspired vest is my favorite.

  3. Thanks for the tag!! So Italy huh... sooo jealous right now. I would love that!!!! I’m a little traveling nome, you can say or at least I wish I was. Well little if you consider 5’7 little lol. Anyway back to clothing; Cute skirt, the scarf is freaking adorable, and I really need to get me a cool hat like that one.

  4. yay tag :)
    oh man im so jealous they let you borrow clothing. ilove this skirt . too i clicked on the pic to see it bigger and i love how it looks up close ..the colors are nice and love the criss cross lines

  5. the first sexy and cute...
    well done

  6. Oooh I've never been tagged before, thanks!
    That skirt looks great on you, I think the length looks fine.

  7. The class went really well--most of them took a lot out of the course and were very impressed and grateful. I think a few of them might even show their students my web site!
    I'm almost positive September Issue will be opening in Reno...but not till September 11 or something.

  8. I love how you styled the skirt in each picture. It looks different each time! And your ten things are hilarious...especially the lady gaga one...hahahaha

  9. i love ur skirt and vest
    > <
    love it!

  10. I loved the first outfit



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