Wednesday, August 19, 2009

calling all fashionable bloggers (that means YOU!)

Inquiring minds (namely my own) would like to pick your brain a little, particularly in regards to fall fashion. So let me get right to it...

"What are you favorite picks/outfits/items/looks for this fall?"

Please feel free to leave a comment with a link to a photo of either your own or someone else's outfit, a description, a word, a reference to a time period, a haiku, BASICALLY WHATEVER that best represents what you're looking forward to wearing for this lovely season we call autumn.

And, in good time, I'll show all you lovelies what I'm working on. But enough small talk. Let the survey, BEGIN! 

(As you can see, I'm diligently taking notes. That and I was super lazy to do an outfit post today. Please accept this in its place.) 

Thanks guys! Can't wait to hear what you all have to say!


  1. - layers, hard-core, dark colours, multiple scarves, gloves.

    I think last year we did the academic look (many cardigans, pea coats, classic cuts and such things), and this year we are transitioning into more of a biker/dark chic. That's what I like at the moment, but I'm also seeing many of these items in the stores right now, and that rapid availiability usually freaks me out. Preferably we wouldn't see them in the retail shops until mid-season and then that same look would continue on into winter. So maybe half way through the season the look will change into something a little less intimidating - floral perhaps? ;P

  2. hey! you're looking at the camera!!

  3. I blogged about it in my latest post -
    I am looking forward the most to wearing my new jacket from HM :)..yeaaah....sweaters! can´t wait to get my hands on some new ones :)

  4. Great idea! I would love to hear what other bloggers have to say. I posted a trend wishlist myself last week.... definately going to be working on a specific theme of inspiration.

    check it out:

  5. Layers, blazers and jeans. My jeans have been neglected because of the weather. Mostly I look forward to getting married...:)

  6. I can't wait for:
    - tights
    - lots of cardigans
    - mary-janes
    - preppy pearl earrings
    - polka dots and tweed (
    - These:
    - Awesome leather schoolbag (

    Ok, I'll stop. I'm just REALLY excited for Fall. I can't wait to see what you have in the works.

    XO m

  7. cardigans, blazers, leather!

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  9. layers, textures, prints, seude, leather, silk, tights, faux fur, wool, scarves, more layers, blazers, vintage (dresses, pins, necklaces), sequins, military buttons, gold, silver, and on and on and on! :)

  10. Like ad.idem said, it seem slike things are getting a little more rough and tumble for the solution? take my pretty spring and summer dresses and layer them up with turtlenecks, tights, bomber-style jackets, and some fierce boots! I'm excited to try something new. When it comes to staying true to my classic style and when I'm not feeling up to going out of my comfort zone, I'm sticking to pencil skirts, jewel tones, gloves with girly details, a flattering trench, and suede pumps in every color I can get my hands on...splash in some leopard print here and there, and bam! that's my fall fashion forecast for I need to go shopping to get some of these pieces!

  11. Definitely layers! I love layering! And sweaters, vests, tank tops, floral clothing going farther into the cold months!
    Love this picture!! I can see YOU!!!:):) You have a very nice smile!

  12. cardigans and leather! i saw a red leather jacket in zara that i'm definitely going to buy!

  13. I'm loving the basic look adorned with costume jewlery, daring shoes and patterened tights this fall. It's just so easy to pull off, especially in these not-so-great economic times.
    I also love bold coats in bright colors or a fun print. Paired with soft silks and dreamy velvet, it's the perfect clothing to wear once the leaves turn.
    Slouchy cardigans, oversized sweaters and leather jackets are also on my must list for when the weather gets chilly. I love the Olsen-inspired Fall 09 looks that went down the runway at DSquared.
    You can't get much cooler than that!

  14. Oxfords, cowboy boots, shooties, high-heeled sandals with socks (patterned or solid), skinny jeans, fur vests, native american tribal print wrap sweaters, vintage specs, fringe, capelet coats... these are just the main ones on my list right now!


    Booties, layers, blazers, etc. see my post!

  16. more open-toed boots, fingerless biker gloves, layered bracelets, more cardigans and v-necks!

  17. Awww, we're coming into spring here (actually that should be "yay" not "aww")
    But my favourite things to wear in the cold have been:
    Earthy colours
    Coloured tights
    Brown riding boots
    And layers layers layers!

  18. Cute glasses!

    I wrote a post this week about my fall pics

  19. lace up booties, a dash of sequin, black leather bags, jeans, over the knee boots, a dash of lace, leather pants and skirt and something polka dot

  20. blazers, tights, military jackets, polka dots, dark florals, woolly sweaters, and leather!!


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