Friday, January 8, 2010

do you (ny)c?

Today I had a productive coffee shop blogger session with my good friend, Emily. We discussed possible blog features, how-tos and how unbelievably broke we are (mainly me, not her). Overall, I think it helped immensely to have an outside person tell me what they would like to see more of from my blog or other blogs for that matter. (That said, if you have suggestions/comments/concerns/general feedback, I'd love to hear it!) It made me more amped and ready for 2010, which brings me to my next bit of news...

I'll be in New York for part of the week next week for some job interviews. Any NYC blogging ladies who are free? Let's hang. Let's talk. Let's do lunch. Yes, feeling motivated. Finally!

On a side note, happy weekend!

Vest: Long black tuxedo vest, Urban Outfitters
Shirt: Ruffled blouse, thrifted, Ann Taylor
Skirt: Black velvet skirt, H&M
Tights: Black lace tights, American Eagle
Shoes: Black suede over-the-knee boots, Topshop

EDIT: Also, just found out...I made it onto Weardrobe's top 100 style bloggers of 2009 on page 25, right next to little Ms. Tavi! Stoked! Check out the rest of the girls here.


  1. Thats so great that you have some interviews already! And congrats on making Weardrobe's top 100!

  2. good luck on your interviews!
    and you making it on the 100 style bloggers for 2009 is well-deserved!

  3. congrats on making it to the weardrobe 100! :) and i'm absolutely in love with your thrifted blouse. you styled it wonderfully :)

  4. good luck on those interviews! coming from the whole other coast, was it difficult to wrangle interviews over there? (im trying to move to nyc myself, but i don't know where to start!)

  5. I love your blog and your style so this comes from a helpful place,lol, but for your pictures I seriously think you need to eliminate 3 things:

    1. Touching your hair, scroll down your first page and you've done it in nearly every post.

    2. The side glance. Left or right it's become way too expected. I would play with angles more and unexpected shots.

    3. Positioning of your body. One leg behind the other, legs slightly straight, looking down, body bent...I would definitely suggest varying it a little and paying more attention to what clothes you're wearing and what you could do to translate their style into your photos. ie. more girly a slightly more feminine pose: on your tiptoes, twirling, etc. It'd definitely bring more life to your photos.

    Also I hesitate to say this because I think they're kind of your signature but at the same time...I think the sunglasses have become a bit of a style crutch in terms of your photos. You've got such a pretty face and it's practically always hidden!

    Hope this helps :)

  6. wow, i saw your blog for the first time on the weardrobe 100 best thing as well :) and i LOVE the boots tights combo!
    ttfn, sophie xx

  7. love the thights it brings that extra thing to the outfit

    and you desirve that spot in the weardrobe 100
    your style is amazing

  8. Congratulations, well deserved!

  9. congarts! ^^

    great outfit! <3

  10. hey, I found you from Weardrobe's 100. I really love your style. It's amazing.

  11. Good Luck on the interviews! Postive thoughts coming your way.

    Congratulations on being on the 100 list. You deserve it you are amazing.

  12. Congrats on being on this list. I just found your blog through it :) I'll be sure to add you to my own blogroll, because your style is amazing!

  13. Congrats on the making the list!

  14. Love it! xxx


  15. ahhhh can we say jealous of the nyc trip? if i promise to pay the extra baggage fee will you stuff me in your suitcase? ill stop eating now to save you the workout carrying the suitcase..

    as far as 'suggestions' go, i loved the photos your sister took of you.. just the different angles, and of course the park shots were really fun.

  16. Congrats on making it into the top 100!

  17. Good luck on the interview! NYC, lucky girl, would be great to work, live and play in New York.

    Love the outfits you put together, and love those boots, got a samey pair from a UK store called Dorothy Perkins, swooned over the Topshop ones for ages though!

    X x

  18. I love the photos your sister took of you. I think they showed more of your personality than your normal photos. I hope your interviews go well!

  19. I saw you on the weardrobe pages and was completely in agreement with them in selecting you! Congratulations! I was looking everywhere to see if that was a book that could be purchased, you know like a big coffee table book. I am very interested to see what changes you will be making here. I have always thought everything was brilliant, so I can't imagine what they might be. I hope you have a grand time in NY. I wish you the best of luck at your interviews!

  20. Always chic, and congrats on your Weardrobe top 100. It's people like you who make me LOVE fashion.


  21. Hi! I need those boots please. Thnx
    Honestly, i always love your outfits. You're amazing. Good luck in NYC

  22. You look awesome!! And I saw you in the Weardrobe 100 and thought that was an awesome look as well! :)

  23. saw you in the weardrobe 100, loved it darling
    and congrats
    love the boots in this look as well
    gorgeous as always
    thanks for sharing as always


  24. Congratulations on Weardrobe! It looks great, and so does the outfit in this post!

  25. hi!

    i just found your blog through Weardrobe (woop! congrats!) & i do enjoy it :)


  26. After looking through some of your posts, I decided I really loved your bangs. I walked right over to my sink, regular pair of scissors in hand and just hacked my hair away hahaha. Surprisingly it turn out pretty well. Thanks for the inspiration :P

  27. i love your lace tights and your over the knee boots :)


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