Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Couturious: Get your styling on...

Yes. I know. I know. As if I needed another temptation in my life to buy clothes. Someday, I like to pretend my pocketbook will catch up with my eye. Until then though, I give you Couturious, a brand spanking new virtual styling and shopping site, complete with models (I've named my gal Natasha), different background or "mood" settings and tons of designer clothing (hello Cynthia Rowley, goodbye paycheck).

Launched by Like.com, Couturious is highly addicting, so reader be warned! You may just lose an entire afternoon like I did to making outfits. Just make sure you come up for air every once in a while and maybe grab a high-carb snack while you're at it.

Want to try it out? Shoot me an e-mail for one of my invite codes or just visit the site and apply for your own invite code today! Seriously. You won't regret it. After all, who doesn't like dress up?


  1. If you can style boys aswell I woukd have a go at it :)

  2. I'm already addicted because while I'm putting together an outfit, I keep seeing items that I want to use for another outfit, and while I'm at my next outfit, I see another piece that I just have to use for my next outfit, and so on . . .

  3. awesome!!! loved your blog!


  4. I hope the inventory is young and fresh and something that I would actually wear.


  5. This reminds me so much of Looklet. Is it as good?

  6. its a blatant ripoff of looklet. Its not half as good. Its far more commercial, yes, you can buy clothes etc but its a pure moneymaker and has nothing of the creativity and sense of fun that looklet does.

    They basically plagiarised from looklet.com. almost everything is the same.


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