Thursday, December 16, 2010

DIY: ysl palais mohawk suede pumps


Alright, ladies and gents. Here's the much-anticipated DIY post for those YSL palais mohawk suede pump look-a-likes I was sporting the other day, both here and here.

Hopefully I didn't build this up too much, because the process here is pretty simple (after all, I could do it!). So here's how the story goes...

For starters, you'll need the following:
- pair of black suede pumps of your choosing; I chose a pair from Forever 21, $22
- glue gun
- small strip of black faux fur (the longer the fur, the better)
- scissors

First up, you'll want two identical strips cut from your original strip. Try eyeballing it while holding it up to the back curve of the heel, to get an idea of how thick you want the strip to be. Mine were roughly an inch in width and I made sure to have it run from the very top of the shoe to the base of the heel.

Once you have your two strips, warm up the glue gun and start gluing!

To give extra oomph and the "mohawk" effect, I sprayed hairspray on the fur and sculpted it into the mohawk shape. (If you happen to be crazy like me and try this DIY at work, your coworkers will look at you funny, promise.)

Next, WEAR THOSE PUPS around! (This is when said coworkers start coveting the shoes, making the funny looks worth it.)

And that's it. See? Painless and didn't put you out $935.



  1. I love that you even styled the fur with hair spray - awesome! I know I already commented on these shoes, but they are amazing! Fabulous DIY project!


  2. Sounds amazing!


  3. how cool is that!

  4. This is possibly the best DIY I have ever seen.
    Partially because it actually looks like I could do it, ha x

  5. Gorgeous! Have you seen Emily's version?

    I think I like yours better :)

  6. Lovely and so easy to do! Thanks for sharing!

  7. wow cant wait to make these , there amazing

  8. eee, i totally want to try this diy over xmas break!!


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