Monday, November 12, 2012

h&m x mmm silent manifesto

If you happened to be tuning in on Twitter this past Saturday, you might have caught me in action for the H&M X Maison Martin Margiela Silent Manifesto -- right here on the streets of San Francisco! The reason being, of course, to celebrate the much anticipated launch of the MMM capsule collection this week (November 15th, to be exact). What I didn't realize until Saturday though, was that this march was being held all over the world -- Hong Kong, Berlin, Vienna, Toronto, Bucharest -- hundreds of silent marchers swarming the streets, wearing iconic Margiela lab-inspired aprons and toting signs.

Erika and I ran around the Embarcadero, capturing the march along the way, which now, unsurprisingly, has me so excited for Thursday's launch! Do tell, are any of you camping out at your local H&M for the MMM launch? What pieces are on your must-grab list? 

Photos provided by H&M


  1. Definitely camping out! I'm going to try to go for the candy wrapper clutches, oversized jacket, oversized peacoat and white button down shirt! What about you?

  2. Hmm.. there are so many things I want but, I need to save up asap! xNel

  3. Ohhh, so this was what it was about! I was actually in SF on Saturday by Pier 39 and saw a group of them walk by but didn't get to see what the signs they were holding said!!

    The Weekend Diary

  4. Great advertising!
    Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

  5. The idea to put people on the street is a great one for advertising, but the manner and look in which it's portrayed- I have to admit it looks more like a picket line than celebrating a new collection. Until I read your post I was a little confused in wondering if it was a protest.

  6. They are really creative. I wouldn´t camp for anything in this world. Although this collection is truly stunning. I loooooove the boots and the silver sequined leggins the most <3


  7. I love you post!!!!
    Visit my blog. "Militar + Tachas"

    Kiss from Andalucía

  8. WOW..This is both hysterical and insane!
    Gotta get to a store by me on Thursday that has the collection..must look into that!
    Sheree xxx

  9. There is something super eerie about this campaign. Like, Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire eerie. But maybe that makes it great, what do I know?

  10. definitely an interesting crowd you all had gathered here. have you had a sneak peek at the collection? if so, what's your favorite piece.


  11. I've got to check this line out!

    xo Jennifer

  12. I saw this all over the internet and OMG it looked like such an experience!!

    XO Sahra


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