Monday, August 18, 2014

in flight {carry-on essentials}

The other week, I shared a few of my foolproof packing hacks that get me through any getaway. But what about my carry on? A well packed carry on can make or break a trip for me -- it has to be the right combination of essentials and niceties, which can easily make any seat in coach feel much more like first class (minus the whole bed and free champagne part, but can't win 'em all).

Given that I've just landed in Jamaica earlier this week (first time -- super excited!), I figured I would share a few of my favorites that I swear by each time I pack up. 

The niceties:
1. Oversized headphones that help muffle out the white noise on the plane. 
2. Slip on socks for the security check point.
3. Advil PM to help mellow me out. I'm horrible at sleeping on flights but these at least help me calm down after the hustle and bustle of catching the flight itself.
4. A watch set to your home time zone so you can always know what time it might be when you're calling to check in.
5. A fan -- super handy even if you're not going to a tropical destination. After schlepping bags, to and fro, you're likely sweating a bit.
6. Adapters should be readily accessible in case you have a layover and need to use your computer, camera, etc.
7. Snacks. After going through so many airport cafes, I've now gotten into the habit of bringing my own snacks with me. It saves time for one and also gives me no excuse to stop by for an extra pack of M&Ms. I've recently been introduced to NatureBox, a monthly subscription service that allows you to customize packs of healthy snacks to be delivered to your doorstep. Stay tuned later this week where I'll be offering a discount code to try out your own pack.
8. Airborne is perfect for the returning flight, when you're exhausted from running around on your trip. 
9. Aviators. Obviously.
10.  Pens. Usually two, because it's never fun being the person waiting for a pen to fill out the customs declaration card. 

The essentials:
1. Bronzer, blush and facial water spray (not necessarily in that order) help with the post-red eye situation where you need to look a bit more alive and a lot less zombie-esque.
2. Ear plugs, in case those noise canceling headphones don't work out. Or if you really want to give a sign to the person sitting next to you that you're not in the mood to talk.
3. Bobby pins, because you can never have enough. And can never seem to find any when you need them.
4. Tweezers. Similar to the bobby pins, you just never know when an eyebrow crisis might pop up.
5. Travel size hair spray for revamping your hair after sleeping on it for most of the flight. What I like to do is lightly brush out my hair and hair spray the layers underneath for a more lively, tousled, I-just-woke-up-on-the-plane-like-this.
6. Bandaids. Why? Because blisters suck.
7. Hair ties. Much like the bobby pins, I seem to always lose track of my hair ties.
8. Facial wipes to get rid of that recycled airplane air feel post-flight.
9. Lint roller and scissors (scissors not pictured) for last minute outfit touch ups, especially after all your clothes have likely been sitting together in your luggage.
10. Gum -- no one likes coffee breath and at this point, you've probably had your fair share of Starbucks.
11. Facial tissues, for all those little messes that inevitably happen on the plane once you get settled into your seat.
12. Perfume samples from Diptyque -- usually whenever I buy a new candle, I stock up on a few sample sprays.
13. Tinted moisturizer + poppy lipstick to glam things up in a pinch if you need to.
14. Brushing pitstop. I don't know about you guys, but my teeth tend to feel grimy after a long flight (too much coffee!). If I'm not in too much of a hurry, I'll try to get a quick brush, floss and rinse in before we land to save myself from waiting in line at the airport bathroom.


  1. Snacks and a toothbrush are my non-negotiables! I feel so gross after eating too much airport food, and there's nothing worse than getting off a plane mid-afternoon with "morning breath!"

  2. Great items. Cute bag!!

  3. Must haves for traveling! The fan is too cute:P

  4. Love seeing these travel posts because they always give me new ideas!

  5. Love this! I always bring an extra pair of underwear too (TMI?), incase my baggage gets lost.

  6. Amazing picks! I always have my hand sensitizer, small hand cream, and moisturizer — my skin always feel so dry, especially on long plane rides.

    Sophia //

  7. well, i was a fan of your blog until i saw that ridiculous book-hillary clinton hard choices. LOL Stick to fashion.

  8. Where are those spectacular headphones from?

  9. LOVE my Frends headphones. Clutch on a long flight and I'd also throw in an eye mask if you're going to be flying and want to catch any decent sleep.

  10. I really need to get some of those headphones for flying...the plane's whitenoise is always the worst!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  11. You can bring scissors in your carry-ons now? haha, last time I went through security they made me throw out a pair of nail clippers from my purse! Love those headphones though! Not so much on that Hillary Clinton book... But great post!

  12. Oversized headphones that help muffle out the white noise on the plane. 2. ...


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