Wednesday, August 6, 2014

window seat playlist

Life has been pretty up and down lately, with some incredible highs and some unfortunate lows, but one thing is for sure, traveling always makes me feel a bit more centered each time I'm feeling in flux. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I always feel the need to shake things up and change my scenery when life gets a bit crazy. I guess I just find it really focuses me on what matters -- moving forward and upward. 

This past weekend was just what I've been needing lately. Plenty of photos to go through, but first, let's shake things up musically speaking, shall we? You all know I love a good playlist and anytime I have an excuse to grab my passport, some tune hunting always follows. Here's what I had on repeat in Vancouver...pretty fitting considering Outside Lands is right around the corner (how is it August already?!).

Oh, and if you're in the market for a few other travel playlists, check out the London edition here, the New Zealand soundtrack right this way and the most epic road trip mixed tape on deck here. Enjoy!


  1. always good to shake things up when things aren't going your way, that way you don't have tie to think about it! :)

  2. Mmmm girl I love your taste in music! Glad you got to get out and get centered lady- and what a fun city to do it in!

  3. I hope everything is ok! And even if it isn' the long run, we are all headed where we need to be, so hiccups and bumps along the way just help us get to where we should be. Sending positive vibes your way Krystal!

  4. This is the best part of flying!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  5. I love these birds eye pics of Van City!! I was perusing your page and the Lion's Gate bridge caught my eye. I'm from Vancouver, so it makes me excited when I see people visiting :P Hopefully it was a mind cleansing get away for you!!
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