Tuesday, March 10, 2015

alamo square

Shirt: J.Crew; Jeans: DL 1961 (snag a pair at 25% off for yourself right here with the code "Krystal25"); Shoes: Saint Laurent; Scarf: Kit & Ace; Necklace: Wendy's Lookbook X Bauble Bar; Watch: Daniel Wellington; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Seems fitting that after yesterday's post about one of my favorite parks in New York, that I follow up with today's photos straight from Alamo Square in San Francisco. When I trekked to the city nearly 5 years ago, I moved into a little corner studio, with two sets of bay windows on the fifth floor, just a few blocks away from Alamo Square. And man, did I love that studio.

Most weekends I would spend walking up to this very park, blanket in tow, and plopping down to read magazines and books, while folks gather in front of the Full House house for photos. (I've since been told that the actual Full House house is not one of the Painted Ladies, but I kinda refuse to believe that -- I'd rather keep the magic alive!)

Granted, I currently don't live all that far from Alamo Square anymore and will often head there with Elvis when I have a chance so he can play with some of the other neighborhood dogs (mainly the pugs). But every time I come back, I'm hit with a mini wave of nostalgia that only this pocket of the city really gives me. Probably because so much of my formative, "I'm on my own" years were spent roaming around Hayes Valley and this very park -- sitting, thinking about work or whatever problems I was facing at the time, starting new friendships and relationships,and enjoying my new life in a city that excited (and still excites!) me. 

Oh San Francisco, I truly will leave a part of my heart here.


  1. ahh your pup is so CUTE!!! good luck on your move to NY!
    xo, coco | millennielle.com

  2. Awww, too cute photos! Lovely doggie too!
    I like your trashed jeans very much, they're such a cool piece!


  3. Very cute dog! I love the ripped baggy jeans

    Agnes x


  4. Love this outfit! Distressed boyfriend jeans and heels are my fav.


  5. Love how effortless this look is!

    xoxo Rin
    Ramblings with Rin

  6. Button ups and boyfriend jeans were made for each other!

    Shae at www.currenthabits.com

  7. I was just visiting my friend who lives right across from Alamo Square not too long ago! It's such a lovely park and I spent a bit of time out there on my own relaxing and basking in the sun.


  8. Not sure if you are a blogger that responds to comments, but I would love to know how you made your decision to make such an important move. I find myself wanting to relocate but not sure how to do it.


  9. such a cute pup!!! i definitely love living near a park. it makes a HUGE difference i think.

    PS - love your jeans.

    xoxo, Elena Michelle

  10. I love these pumps! Very cool look!

  11. so nice look ; -)

    new post


  12. I love this post! You look absolutely gorgeous and your little puppy is soooo cute :)

  13. There will be even more exciting adventures ahead of you :) And good to see you again Elvis! xxx

  14. So chic! But tell me you don't walk your dog in such high heels!

  15. Such a cute look! Love those jeans! And that puppy makes for one cute accessory!


  16. Gorgeous! as always and that dog is so ADORABLE!


  17. Love your simple but chic look. Nice outfit. I can`t imagine to go out for a walk with high heels :))
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  18. I love the narrative in this post. There is no feeling quite like looking back on the nostalgia of your first big city experience, and visit all the spots that trigger those memories. I love your poochy too - he must be a corgi mix?

    Latest post: Ready for Spring - Pastel Tibi & Destroyed Denim

  19. I definitely can relate to this! Something about specific spots and places brings back good memories!! I also love this casual look!


  20. Love the casual vibe look, so chic.


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  22. Gosh he is so big now! I just got a new little puppy and back in the midst of perfect puppy cuddles and 6am wake up bathroom barks...


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