Friday, March 20, 2015

left my heart in san francisco {grace cathedral}

Dress: Urban Outfitters; Jeans: DL1961; Boots: Stuart Weitzman; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Wallet: Emerson Fry; Watch: Daniel Wellington; Bracelet: Bauble Bar

Truth be told, the first time I visited Grace Cathedral was when my mom was in town visiting and we had ridden the California line cable car that runs right past the church square. It's a breathtaking building, situated at the top of Nob Hill, surrounded by some of San Francisco's finest: The Mark Hopkins Hotel, The Fairmont and of course, Huntington Park. And up until that point, I had always admired this pocket of the city, often coming up here at sunset to watch the city glow on all sides of the hill. 

But, for some reason, I hadn't ventured inside the church, until that evening my mom begged me to go. As we rode past the cathedral, gripping to the cable car railing as we chugged along, she led the charge, bolting off (as soon as we stopped) and made her way straight to the church steps. I had no choice but to follow. It was late. Probably around 8pm and an evening service had long since finished, with just a few members of the staff milling about at that point, on their way out. They were nice enough to just let us in though and we grabbed two seats toward the middle. And just sat. And just listened. It's amazing how quiet and yet at the same time, how much you can hear in a church like that. The high ceiling acoustics carrying and amplifying the soft hum of the church, almost as if it's breathing along with you.

For those in the area, I highly recommend you stop by -- they have a whole lineup of non-denominational activities scheduled each month, including yoga classes and a silent movie night, where the church organ player accompanies the film.

I'm bidding adieu to San Francisco! See part 1 HERE, part 2 HERE, part 3 HERE and part 4 HERE. And stay tuned for next week, where I'll be sharing some of my favorite San Francisco haunts, including restaurants, coffee shops, bars and boutiques! Happy weekend!


  1. awesome!! ;-0

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    1. Such a beautiful outfit! I love every single detail!

  2. Obsessed with the movement in your outfit. So so pretty.

  3. I remember that place in SF! Great outfit:P

    Shall We Sasa

  4. You look beautiful in this outfit! That dress is so different but very pretty.

  5. Very cute look, most people would have worn the dress top with only the over the knee boots but I love how you paired it with jeans
    Agnes x

  6. I want a boot like yours but I dont like the way I look with it hahah I´m so weird with them hahhah good pics


  7. love the dress

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  8. Love how you put this together! I would have never thought to put this together!

  9. This is my favourite outfit in this series so far. I've been to San Francisco twice before and your photos make me miss it so much <3

  10. I'm loving your "left my heart in san francisco" series! I'm moving to the bay area in a couple of months and am looking forward to checking out some of the places you've highlighted. Good luck with your move! (The pop of blue in your outfit is stunning btw.)

  11. Loving these posts! San Francisco is high on my list of places to go & I will definitely be referencing your blog when it comes time to plan!

    xx Emily, The Glam Files

  12. I love your dress! Adorablely chic with the boots. Grace Cathedral is beautiful. I use to live right around the corner from it, on Washington Street!
    Kristen Keller Journey to a Beautiful Life

  13. The blue against the gorgeous backdrop is stunning! I've really enjoyed this segment so far. Looking forward to reading more of your transition.


  14. I love your blue shift dress!

  15. Very chic button up dress! Love the golden details!

  16. Love this outfit!

  17. Love love love that dress with those vintage looking buttons!

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  18. Love the dress on you! Such a cute look :)


  19. Great outfit, like everything here!


  20. You are BEYOND GORGEOUS!
    Adorable look and pretty lady! Keep up great work!


  21. That cathedral sounds/looks amazing! And your dress is beautiful. Can't wait to see it styled for a summer look
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  22. Such a lovely look. Love the move of the dress and the amazing background!
    x Fiona


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