Monday, March 16, 2015

left my heart in san francisco {north beach}

Dress: Amour Vert; Vest: Alexander Wang; Boots: Stuart Weitzman; Bag: Saint Laurent; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Necklace: Wendy's Lookbook X Bauble Bar; Cuff: Hermes

It's been a bumpy past few weeks. But in the best way possible. Who knew packing up your life to go from one coast to another could be so, well, HUGE? Monumental? Scary? A tad overwhelming?

I suppose I did, but it's hitting me hard right now. The good news? A lease has been signed for an apartment in New York and I couldn't be more relieved (more on that to come soon, possibly a mini apartment tour!).

In the meantime, it's gotten me thinking a lot about this new chapter I'm about to start and how it doesn't quite feel right to start it, without properly bookending this current one. A proper San Francisco farewell, if you will. A lot has happened to me since moving here back in 2010 -- a new job at a start up, another new job at Google, two apartments in different neighborhoods that both hold a special place in my heart, new friendships, new relationships, some heartache and a lot of good laughs. For that, I tip my hat to you San Francisco. 

And in my best proverbial hat-tipping fashion, I've decided to dedicate a mini series over the next few weeks to some of my favorite San Francisco haunts -- some old and some new to me. I'm looking at it as a chance to say goodbye (for now) to some places that will always hold so many memories for me and also as a way to finally explore some places of this city that have still escaped me (until now, that is).

First up? This mini stretch of Columbus Street overlooking downtown, toward Kearny Street. Quintessential San Francisco -- with the Transamerica Building peaking in the background and bustling North Beach in the foreground. Some favorites are sprinkled here: Citylights Bookstore, Cafe Zoetrope and even Jack Kerouac Alley (who I should really thank for first igniting my love of San Francisco so many years ago with On the Road). 

Every time I turn the corner from Broadway onto Columbus to catch this view of Sentinel Tower (the green, flatiron-looking building you see above here), I feel new to the city all over again. 


  1. Cool and pretty look. These booties are to die for!


    xx Mira

  2. I love this post. It reminds me of one of the reasons why I started reading your blog in the first place. You are an amazing writer. Everything flows so well, and it feels personal like I'm having a conversation with an old friend. I can't wait to see the rest of the series :)

    Welcome to the East Coast. May it be filled with memorable moments.

    A Blogger from the East Coast
    Dear Sunny

  3. Those boots are incredible! I think New York is going to be really great for you :)


  4. Almost four years ago I packed up and moved across country from Southern California to Maine. It was such a scary step, but one I am so incredibly thankful for.

  5. Fabulous over the knee boots and statement necklace! You look great!

  6. LOVE this whole look. Love the dress vest over another dress. Might have to give this look a try myself. Anyway congrats on the apt in NYC! I hate apt hunting, I live in the City and I find it overwhelming.


  7. I love this look and, more importantly, I love the heartfelt post that accompanied it! I'm so looking forward to your NYC apartment tour, and your last thoughts on leaving the beautiful San Francisco.

  8. SF is a hard city to leave, didn't realize how much I loved it until I moved to Toronto. NYC is a great city though, a new chapter in life :)

  9. gorgeous look! cheers to your next adventure! x

    dipped in yellow

  10. The photography on your blog is my favorite! I love how artistic your style and photos are.

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  11. SF is such a beautiful city! Good luck on your new move! Also, I love your vest!

  12. great photos -- such a good look and I love the boots

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  13. Revisiting and reflecting on your fave SF spots is such a good idea! It will certainly bring closure and I definitely think an impending move is the right sort've jolt one would need to finally go do the things they haven't yet had the chance to do before they go.


  14. Love this look so much, the sleeveless coat is very chic
    These pics are gorgeous!

    Agnes x

  15. I love everything about this look. The vest over the dress is such a great touch. I love the statement necklace too!

    xx Alicia
    Between the Pearls

  16. Loving this look, so chic!

  17. I love the way you layered the vest over your dress! And the OTK boots show the perfect amount of leg with that dress. Xoxo

  18. Such a pretty layered look! Excited to read along your tribute to SF
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