Monday, April 6, 2015

left my heart in san francisco {girlfriends and girl bosses}

On Heather: Romper: Reformation; Belt: Gucci; Shoes: Sergio Rossi; Bra: Love and Lemons
On Krystal: Dress: Karla Spetic; Shoes: Manolo Blahnik; Clutch: Charlotte Olympia; Sunglasses: Celine

As I (slowly) approach 30, I've come to really appreciate a lot about my mid to late 20s, particularly what was once considered unthinkable by my younger 20 something year old self: I feel comfortable in my own skin. I care less about what people think of me. I focus more on what makes me happy. I don't sweat the incredibly small stuff. Sure, some days are easier than others, but that's also why I made a commitment a while back to surround myself with people who share this same outlook and refuse to blaze any path other than their own.

Cue my friend Heather.

Heather and I met a few years back through a mutual friend who found it really hard to believe two fashion bloggers both working at Google somehow hadn't met yet (you were right, Alicia, that was strange!). And really, the introduction couldn't have come at a better time. I was just getting somewhat settled into my new life in San Francisco professionally speaking, but had yet to make any lasting friendship connections that extended themselves well outside the office. We met over lunch and have been friends ever since. 

I think what I appreciate the most about my friendship with Heather is that, while we have a lot in common, (we both work in the tech space and fashion world), we're actually quite different in a lot of ways too. An odd couple if you will. And I love that about her! We challenge each other in ways that we don't normally push ourselves. Equal parts cheerleaders, encouraging each other to take risks and think outside the box, as well as each other's biggest critics, calling out bull shit when we smell it.

She's been my travel partner, my sounding board, a shoulder to cry on when needed and also one of my biggest fans when it comes to just going for my dreams (like this one I'm doing right now in NYC). We may live on different coasts now, but that just means we're cheering each other on from afar. And of course, gives us the excuse to rack up some frequent flier miles throughout the year and sneak in a few Broadway shows, right Heather?


  1. That dress!! SO good!

  2. You girls look so pretty! I love your dress:P

    Shall We Sasa

  3. You look stunning! And i love Heather's clutch

    Happy Medley Blog

  4. What a great post. So nice to find friends through this crazy blogging world


  5. Loved reading this post, I can relate so much, esp. about not sweating the small stuff anymore and feeling good in your own skin as we approach our 30s! I'm actually more excited about my 30s than I could ever imagine. :D
    Having a true, great friend is everything and no matter the time or distances, they'll always stay our friends and that is very rare to find nowadays.

    Btw, you two ladies look absolutely stunning in your outfits!

  6. I really liked this post. It's nice to hear about great relationships and those that help a person along the way. I can see how you guys compliment one another and you certainly make a stylish duo!


  7. That is awesome that you found such a great friendship. It is so rare to find that and especially finding someone who is supportive of your move!

  8. fine pics=- ]]

    i invite to me too

  9. This is truly a beautiful friendship story and I wish you gals the most fun and stylish years together. Both of you were looking dashing for this shoot. I absolutely love your dress and Heather seems like such a dare-devil style-wise! xo

  10. You look beautiful! Great photos! Xo

  11. You two are gorgeous! I love that black flowery top!

  12. Sounds like a wonderful friendship and both of your outfits are gorgeous!
    Dresses & Denim

  13. you are both so cute

  14. Very cool outfits!

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