Thursday, July 2, 2015

spoils of oils {biossance}

A few weeks back, I mentioned I was taking baby steps into the world of facial oils. As someone with naturally oily skin as it is, I have this predisposition to avoid excess oily products like the plague -- so my rational self found this to be quite counterintuitive. That is, until one of you guys actually left a comment on Instagram (House of Ginger, I'm looking at you!) that made me think otherwise. Net, net: oily skin produces excess oil because it senses you need it, so if you're beating it to the punch with an oil of your own (and one that's more plant based), it'll essentially keep everything in check. And if done right, you're left with a dewy, youthful glow (aka, what I like to call the 'Miranda Kerr effect'). Sign me up.

This is where Biossance comes in. I was recently introduced to Biossance by a close girlfriend (who also happens to be a facial oil fanatic) and was excited to try it out for myself when they approached me to partner together this summer. Routine thus far has included a few drops in the morning before I apply my makeup (I've been skipping my regular moisturizer) and a few drops on a very cleansed face before I go to bed. I've also been sneaking it around with me during the day, as it's been great to dab on extra dry patches of skin elsewhere, my cuticles if I can't make it in for a manicure and even for dry, frizzy hair flyways. 

As a newbie to all of this, I've been sure to take serious notes as to changes in my skin tone, complexion and overall oil balance. Thus far, I'm happy to report the results have surpassed my expectations. Given that I recently just moved to a much more humid climate and my travel schedule has been nothing short of insane, my skin has been thrown out of whack, but I'm already starting to see a much more calm, even skin tone settling in, especially along my problem areas of my chin and patches along my upper neck. My skin feels hydrated but not overly weighed down or slicked over (which was one of my first concerns).

Where do you guys stand on the facial oil debate? And if you're a fan, have you tried Biossance already? Would love to hear your thoughts!

This post was in collaboration with Biossance. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all This Time Tomorrow collaborations! 


  1. nice pics; -))

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  2. I also have had oily skin my whole life and shared your skepticism. Once I did my research it made sense, I've spent way too many years stripping my skin with harsh chemicals and too much cleansing making my oil glands go into overdrive. I've been switching between jojoba oil and coconut oil mixed with tea tree oil and have had fantastic results! I can go through the whole day without blotting now, not mention the softness and even tone and helped eliminate breakouts too.

  3. I also know about Biossance oil and I used it. It shows fantastic result!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  4. I didn't even know this brand ! Btw your pictures are really pretty :)

  5. Great review, and beautiful pictures.

  6. Thanks for this review!


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