Monday, November 2, 2015

9 to 5 style: 1 vest, 3 ways {with intermix}

First outfit: Vest: Intermix; Dress: Timo Weiland; Jeans: Frame; Shoes: Saint Laurent; Bag: Celine; Sunglasses: YSL; Bracelet: Miansai
Second outfit: Vest: Intermix; Dress: Marissa Webb; Boots: Stuart Weitzman; Scarf: Alexander McQueen; Bracelet: Miansai
Third outfit: Vest: Intermix; Top: Frame; Skirt: Marissa Webb; Shoes: Saint Laurent; Bag: Saint Laurent; Necklace: Aldo; Bracelet: Miansai

When it comes to my work wardrobe, I've never really subscribed to the idea that certain items are strictly meant for work, whiles others are meant for off-duty time. Granted, I've always worked in a creative environment, which means I've gotten to enjoy a relatively relaxed dress code -- and I like to think I've taken full advantage of this! Statement dresses and pieces take on all new meaning when you can see yourself kicking ass in a meeting and cutting loose with a few after hours cocktails in them -- without missing a beat. 

So when Intermix asked me a little bit about a typical work day and how I dress to tackle it, I loved the idea of taking one piece (in this case, a beloved long vest, my pièce de résistance this season), and making it go the extra mile, from 9 to 5 to be exact. 

8:30am: I start my day pretty early, with Elvis as my 6am alarm clock. After running a few miles, usually along the Hudson River Running Path, I love hopping over to a local coffee shop before the day officially kicks off to get some emails answered and the to-do list prioritized. And for those of you in NYC, check out Everyman Espresso and snag one of their waffles. Delicious little sugar rush for the morning rush.

1pm: My day is typically packed with meetings, some in person and a lot of them via video conference. Whenever possible though, I love meeting up in person and preferably out of the office to get some fresh air and change up my scenery. This particular day I stopped by the Nylon offices to meet with my blog management team at Socialyte. 

6pm: I love the idea of mixing menswear with evening attire -- it feels almost like you borrowed your date's jacket or vest at the end of the night. Best part -- you don't have to give it back to anyone. The past few Thursdays and Fridays, I've been frequenting The Garret and Fedora (both in the West Village) for those late afternoon meetings that could easily pivot to happy (strategy) hour.


  1. so pretty ;-)

    new post

  2. Love these different ways! The vest is so cool! :P

    Shall We Sasa

  3. That vest is amazing. Love it in all the looks!

  4. love all the different ways you styled this

  5. Fantastic and such a versatile vest! This third outfit is flawless and so inspiring!

  6. Love how versatile and classic this vest is! All three looks are so cute!

  7. Love how effortless this is.

  8. I am SUCH a huge fan of longer vests this season and the Intermix one you have on is the perfect shade! I definitely think the second outfit is my favorite because it's almost like a vest over a vest.
    Love your style!

  9. Loved all three combinations... perfecto!!!

  10. Loved all three combinations... perfecto!!!

  11. This look is so chic, love your vest

  12. You looks so pretty! Love your outfit!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  13. Love the different styles with the long vest! All chic and functional!

  14. the second outfit is my favorite; those layers are just flawless!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  15. I love vests! They are so versatile and a great transitional and layering piece - plenty of outfit options. That denim Marissa Webb you are wearing in the second look is a killer! So in-love with it...

    Red Lipstick Optional

  16. I love the vest trend, I just posted an outfit with a vest!

  17. I love these posts :*

  18. Love the look with the vest and the sweater dress! Such great photos! :)



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