Tuesday, September 29, 2009

there you are, fall

Taking these photos was like standing in a 100 mph wind tunnel. I guess that means fall has arrived. In full force.

In other news, we just had a Forever 21 open here in Reno. I know, I know. You must be thinking, how did we survive BF21 (before Forever 21). Honestly, I'm not sure how I slept at night. Or functioned for that matter.

As for the outfit, (oh yes, I suppose I should actually get down to business here) I wanted to try out one of my dresses with long sleeves. After browsing through several runway collections and seeing the over abundance of sleeves, I decided to pull out this vintage find with a belted boyfriend blazer. The dress itself is actually originally from Virginia City, the previous owner set up her makeshift garage sale on her front stoop and made up prices as she went along.

When I asked her how much this dress was (which was originally much longer before I chopped off about 8 inches, about 5 inches too much!) she looked at the dress, looked at me, looked at the dress and decided on, "$1." As if she were asking for a fortune.

Dress: Vintage floral dress
Boots: Black leather over the knee boots, Chinese Laundry
Blazer: Navy blue boyfriend blazer, Urban Outfitters
Jewelry: Pearl and gold chain drippy necklace, F21


  1. That dress is fantastic, and such a steal!
    I love how you belted the blazer, and also how you rolled the sleeves up over the blazer.

  2. YES! i had a wind tunnel issue as well...fashion bloggers fight the elements!!

    good god,that dress is absolutely divine! what an epic steal!

  3. love this look!
    you have a flawless styling look
    loving the boots and the skirt

    check out my blog @

  4. u always look so stylish even the dresss cost you only 1 e!!

  5. Well i love the dress, and love the long sleeves. I have a vintage long sleeved dress i haven´t yet worn, but i think i have to wait a bit more...Love your style, i get loads of inspiration in your blog!xoxo


  6. Luv this look soo much!!

    Jasna- Chictopia


  7. This look is out-of-this-world!! You look fabulous as always, and that dress is amazing!!

    I can't believe you just got a F21... I practially live @ F21.... actually I think I really do. LOL


    I would love for you to check me out. :)

  8. I am in love with every single one of your looks! I love that you completely revamped this dress! I pictured it how you said it (8 inches longer) and I can just imagine how it looked! But, you totally rocked it out here! You look amazing as always!! :)


  9. awesome story for the dress. you should send her a photo of you in the dress now...she'll probably be pissed she only charged you $1. hurray for new forever 21s!

  10. lovely outfit
    i hate the fact that fall is coming

  11. oh i love the combination of tough boots and cute dress! very nice necklace as well!

  12. You did it again, lovee the WHOLE outfit.


    - Teeney

  13. Amazing dress. Love it with the blazer! One of my fave looks of yours!

    I have actually stopped by Virgina City I think like 3 years ago. I heard some of the stores there were haunted. It was very interesting. And we had an amazing breakfast there. Reno is very nice during the winter!


  14. I think that world wide, mother nature has been picking on fashion bloggers with her cruel wind. It happened to me.
    & now, I just added another MUST-HAVE to my lengthy list: long sleeved dress. LONG! SLEEVED! DRESS!

  15. Loving the dress - I seem to be all about florals lately.

  16. I'm pretty sure those Chinese Laundry boots are the most perfect over-the-knee boots I've seen. And I love that long-sleeve dress! I'm a huge fan of long-sleeve mini-dresses.

  17. Great dress, great deal!!


  18. Love the boots!

    Your story behind the dress is too funny! I too often chop too much length off dresses!!


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