Friday, October 2, 2009

dapper flapper

Hey all. The shoot last night went extremely well. Lots of girls running around in flapper dresses, sequin headbands and champagne glasses in hand as the boys sort of, well, chased them around. I can't wait to share the photos with all with you. All in good time, all in good time.

On that note, I think I must have caught the flapper fever because I just couldn't help myself this morning when throwing on this fringe tank tank from Urban Outfitters. It gets tangled on pretty much everything in my path and those within a 12 inch radius of me, but ah, who cares?

Happy Friday, everyone!

P.S. Please excuse the horrible run in my tights. I accidentally ripped it right before these photos were taken. Ah, thank goodness for the weekend.

Blazer: Black tuxedo blazer, Express
Tank: Flapper fringe tank, Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Jean cut-offs, Abercrombie & Fitch
Boots: Ankle boots, Aldo
Tights: Black sheer tights, Target, run courtesy of me!


  1. I thought you made that run on purpose first! It actually works somehow, though...!

  2. I really love your look!
    your t-shirt it's extremly perfect!

  3. Love the fringe top! Great outfit.

  4. great look! I ladder my tights accidentally on an almost daily basis, normally more than once haha xo

  5. i seriously love your style!

    where is the necklace from???

  6. This is a great look. I love that blazer and those boots!

  7. Tangles or no, I love the fringe on that tank!

  8. Ha. I definitely thought that run in the tights was intentional. Whoopsies. You still look glam. I especially love your ankle boots. I've got to hit up Aldo!

  9. Who cares about the rin your tights. It had a bit of that grunge flair and I love it!

    I hope you didn't change your tights after taking the pics. =)

  10. love this!!!!
    totally flawless!! love every single bit of it

    check out my blog @

  11. Love love love the fringe :)


  12. i'm so into the flapper look right now. :) i think the 20's may be my favorite decade...

  13. I love this entire look... loveee the shirt with the fringe! And, before I read the post, I definitely thought you did the run/rip on purpose.... It pretty much goes with the look! :) You look fab as always!

  14. you know what though, that run is sooo sick! i lovee it!! another wonderful outfit. =]


    - Teeney

  15. I like the run. It's like fringe for you leg. Or something. Agh.


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