Monday, September 24, 2012

nyfw photo diary

After pouring over memory card after memory card, I think I just about exhausted all my snaps from New York Fashion Week. Part of me still can't believe it was two weeks ago! Feels like just yesterday I was complaining about my battered feet to Heather. :)

So if you're experiencing NYFW withdrawals like me, perhaps this stroll down memory lane via Instagram is just the thing we need for this Monday morning...

From top left to right:
1.) No NYFW is complete without a Bill Cunningham sighting. I just love how he's always smiling behind that camera. 
2.) A quite fetching printed short suit (donned with an embellished tie!) at the J.Crew presentation. Major swoon.
3.) An outfit snippet from Day #2. See the full deal here.
4.) A beautiful trumpet skirt gown dream at the Zac Posen show. 
5.) Guess who I ran into at a random Starbucks on 9th Avenue...getting her own coffee...
6.) Quick detour through Central Park.
7.) Park benching it to read the New York Times Style Section (and loving the cover story on the Proenza boys!).
8.) Backstage glamour shot at the Prabal Gurung show. Did you catch my recaps here and here? How about the little styling challenge Heather, Alicia and I had here?
9.) Dear J.Crew, Your shoes get me every time. Every. Time.
10.) Resting our feet in front of Lincoln Center, right Julia, Kiley, Taylor and Caroline?
11.) Pink lady in full force for the Zac Posen show.
12.) A sweet bouquet the man friend sent to my hotel after the IFB Conference wrapped. (He knew how nervous I was -- and sent me my favorite flowers!)

Of course, if you want more, you can catch up on all my show coverage here and all the outfit changes here. Lastly, I wanted to send out another huge thank you to the Yotel hotel for being such a gracious host during my stay. Definitely a great home away from home during such a chaotic time.


  1. fine pics;DDD
    new post

  2. I can't believe you actually bought that pink dress...die! It looks amazing!!!!!
    Sheree xxx

  3. Love the instagram round up :) You look amazing in that pink dress, and the j crew shoes have such a great pattern :)

  4. Last row is fabulous! Great photos :)

  5. Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing! Love your blog :)

    xo, Christina

  6. Love the pics!!! Looks like an awesome week :D



  7. Those J Crew shoes are gorgeous, I love them! xx

    South Molton St Style

  8. haha so cool that you Anna at starbucks, must have done a double take! lol looks like you had a great time!!

    fashionable footprints
    fashionable footprints (facebook)

  9. these are super awesome snaps

  10. krystal! i never heard about your anna sighting - what a treat to complete an already amazing nyfw! and yes - resting our feet was more than necessary that day, glad we got to chat over a little starbucks :)


  11. so cool that you ran into HER at starbucks of all places. haha!

  12. Oh goodness! I can't believe you ran into Anna Wintour at Starbucks! New York is such a magical city. xo, Abbey


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