Sunday, December 22, 2013

lazy sunday {at home}

Pajama set: Abercrombie top and bottoms; Bra: Abercrombie; Mug: Starbucks, last year (love this set); Rings: Ver Unica and Elizabeth & James

Since we're all settling into our winter hibernation mode, I thought I'd share a little slice of what our Sundays have been looking like lately. Coffee, cuddles with the pup and lounging around in satin pajamas (for most of the day) are usually what I look forward to the most, especially as the holiday season starts to wind down. It's really is such a treat to stay cozied up with with loved ones with absolutely nothing to do for the day. I have to admit, it doesn't happen often around these parts (especially since this time of year is extremely busy at work for both the man friend and I) but when it does, I truly cherish it.

And while I've been known to steal pajamas from my boyfriend more than I'd like to admit, I've been stepping up my game lately. I've waxed poetically about pajamas as daytime wear before and now I'm finally seeing the beauty of falling asleep in something comfortable yet luxurious like a satin pajama set.  Honestly, I'm not sure what took me so long! I'm hooked! In honor of that realization, I was excited to shop around the loungewear section at Abercrombie (all of which is 50% off this weekend) to pick out my new Sunday best, just in time for a lot of lazy days spent at home, catching up with family and re-watching A Christmas Story far too many times. I mean, it's not officially Christmas until we're all repeating "You'll shoot your eye out!" Right? 

What holiday traditions (and associated holiday lounge attire) do you look forward to the most this time of year?

Photos by Dan Johnson

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  1. I adore your pajama!!! And your dog. I am having a lazy Sunday myself since I woke up with headache I decided to stay in home all day.

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  2. love lazy sundays. they're the best in the world ;)
    bay the way, the lace bra is pretty cute! :)

  3. so cute pics!! ;-))

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  4. Lovely! looks nice, cozy and peaceful... and it's always great to stay stylish, even while comfortable at home :) happy holidays!
    xo, coco | MILLENNIELLE.COM

  5. lovely P.J's

  6. Nice pajamas. I love wearing my warm flannel, listening to Christmas music or watching a great holiday movie and munching on holiday treats. With flannel pajama shirts, they can easily pass as regular clothing and are great for layering when its cold.

  7. Such cute pyjamas, and your dog is adorable! :) Hope you have a great Christmas :)

    Away From The Blue

  8. Christmas heralds the start of Summer here in New Zealand. But the weather is extremely changeable until mid January, when it settles into sun and warm temperatures. Most of us like to imagine that we'll be wearing a cute little Summer dress on Christmas day but I am not so sure this year as it's supposed to be raining and not too warm!

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  10. GReat post. That is how I felt yesterday.

    Hope you're done with your holiday shopping. Merry Christmas!

  11. Who knew A&F would kill it in the silk pj department... Love this. And that mug. Looks so cozy

  12. I never knew that store had those kinds of pjs! They are my absolute favorite, I basically live in pajama sets. Love your look at home, and your puppy is so adorable!

  13. beautiful flowers! I really like these kind of posts!

  14. Super cute, Krystal (and Elvis)! My favorite pajamas are an Abercrombie pair I've had since college, which means they are pretty darn old, but I can't part with them because they're still so cute and comfy. Hmm, it might be time for an update :) I love the ones you're wearing!


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