Thursday, July 16, 2009

it's all fun and games until someone loses their shorts

WARNING! The following images may or may not contain a certain pair of jean cut-off shorts that the creator of this blog has recklessly worn far too many times, thereby risking the integrity of her fashion contributions to the overall blogging community.

You have been WARNED.

Ah, hell. I love these shorts though. Probably a little too much, which is why, after a long and emotionally wrenching talk, the shorts and I have decided that they should retire, just for a little bit. Think of it as their long overdue paid vacation time. To the Hamptons or something.Or Barbados. I'll let them choose.

In the meantime, thank goodness I received a little package on my doorstep the other day bearing the words "Weardrobe." Yep, borrowed items are here and ready to play. Just in time for the weekend!

As for the above outfit, I dug out these floral tights from ages ago and decided to don then once again. I remember loving them the instant I saw them at Urban Outfitters, which also happened to be one of the first times I realized just how much financial damage could be done in one store. It was eye-opening. Truly. Not that much has changed since then. Except for the whole borrowing of mom's credit card. That definitely changed after that day.

Shirt: Cream, embellished tank, Urban Outfitters
Shorts: DIY jean cut-offs
Tights: Floral tights, Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Black lace-up ankle boots, H&M


  1. Love the outfit! I like how you mix a lot of old with new. I'm new to the blog world. CHeck me out at

  2. I'm loving this. It’s simple yet very interesting. I love how you always find a cool wall to photograph in front of, how in the world do you do it.

  3. Ha, thanks and that's an excellent question. Here's how my routine usually works out most days: 5 p.m. get off work,change a few clothing pieces around to make them more picture ready and not so work ready, cruise around downtown Reno for awhile and take my pick of the many grafitti covered and/or mural painted walls we have. We also have a lot of casinos, i.e. glitzy/gaudy exteriors that make for fun photos and a lot of dive bars, which usually make for quirky backdrops. Definitely get some weird looks, but what the hell? :)

  4. Love the floral tights and the random wall you picked for today's shoot:)

    and congrats on the feature!

  5. I love the combination of shorts and tights!

  6. Those tights are flipping fantastic!!! I love the chic girly casualness of this outfit!

  7. hey krystal! thanks for your comment!
    srrrry it took so long to get back to you!
    yes, that dress sold for about $44!! it was very popular!
    but i'm going to be adding more dresses this weekend/next week so check back. :)
    also, is it ok if i feature you on my blog??
    i LOVE your style! :)


  8. awww you r poor mom. irealized that UO was far too damaging before i did any harm

    but i did spy those floral tights ... one day good things my friends practically shoved out the doors


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